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Kyra Comfort Stirrups

The KYRA Comfort Stirrups are designed to improve infection control with optional Secure-Lok™ straps. The Comfort stirrups are equipped with boots sized to fit today’s larger patient anatomies that generate more pressure-reducing padding.

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 KYRA Comfort Stirrups

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KYRA COMFORT™ Stirrups improve upon all other versions of boot-style stirrups in ways that directly benefit your patient and your staff.

The unique design of the boot accommodates legs with 4” more circumference than comparable traditional stirrups while providing 1/2“ more pressure-reducing cushioning.

Makes prepping easier as the medial-to-lateral foot/ankle closure system moves bothersome straps to the lateral side reducing potential interference.

Surgical teams now have more space in the operative field due to the curved support rods allowing more room to access operative space while in high lithotomy position.

The optional KYRA Secure-Lok™ Closure Straps eliminate Velcro® BRAND straps and are designed to improve infection control.

kyra straps infection control

No more pinch hazards

stirrups eliminates dangerous pinch hazards

      • KYRA COMFORT™ Stirrup’s curved support rods eliminate dangerous pinch hazards that traditional stirrups present but without the use of hard-to-clean guards.
      • The unique “blade design” also eliminates potential pinch hazards present when mounting traditional stirrups onto table rails.
No more lost clamps

Kyra Clamps

      • The Optional Integrated KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp solves the “lost clamp problem”.
      • Easy-to-mount, easy-to-release, the Integrated KYRA Secure-Release™ Clamp makes life easier and less hectic for clinical staff.
More padding & flexibility

Kyra Comfort

      • Kyra Medical’s unique stirrup design allows ½” more padding for pressure relief than traditional stirrups.
      • Unlike traditional boot pads, Kyra’s pad protects the medial and lateral aspects of the ankle.
      • The flexible boot cradles larger legs than traditional stirrups, and the unique foot section allows extreme inversion/eversion of the foot, which eliminates the potential of contact with hard boot boxes present on traditional stirrups.

Boot Rotational Angle+/-25°
Abduction Range+25° to –9°
Lithotomy Range+85° to –55°

Kyra Stirrup ModelWaterproof PadsSecure-Lok Straps (Optional)Weight CapacityStirrup WeightProduct Number
Kyra Comfort 350



350 lbs/159 kg

13.2 lbs/6 kg


Kyra Comfort 500



500 lbs/227 kg

14.6 lbs/6.6 kg


Kyra Comfort 800



800 lbs/363 kg

14.6 lbs/6.6 kg


Kyra Comfort 500 Stirrups Vs Yellofins Apex™ Stirrups

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If you are looking for stirrups or leg supports for your facility or want to remanufacture your existing surgical equipment, contact us. We can help you select your new pair of stirrups and ensure you have the correct solution in place for the job.