Meditek Leg Supports

Meditek Leg Supports

Meditek leg supports make it easy to achieve the ultimate patient position. Contact us today for your quote.

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Meditek leg supports make it easy to achieve the ultimate patient position

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LS-1004 Altima Leg Holders
  • Provides your patients with superior comfort when in a Lithotomy Position
  • Solid stainless steel adjustable extension bar for flexible positioning
  • Altima boot clamps are designed for full range flexibility and multi-positioning requirements
LS-1005-C Meditek Assisted Lift Stirrups
  • The Meditek assisted lift stirrups are the ultimate in patient positioning, for all types of gynecology and urology requirements.
  • The blade type design means that they will never slip out of place after they have automatically locked into position.  A gas shock assists you in effortlessly positioning your patient quickly and efficiently.
  • The Meditek assisted lift stirrups are single-handedly adjusted and positioned from outside the sterile field.
  • Patient comfort is guaranteed with our memory foam gel pad that fully encapsulates the foot.  The standard weight capacity of this pair is 600 pounds.
LS-2000 Lithotomy Adult Leg Holders
  • The Lithotomy Adult Leg Holders consist of stainless steel construction for unmatched durability.
  • The integral clamp allows for precise adjustments from 23” – 41”, and the large 8” arc allows for additional leg clearance.
  • The Leg Holders come with 1” wide cotton straps that conform to 9” loops and mount with a standard clark socket.  Weight capacity is 60 lbs.
Meditek LS-4800 Leg Prep Positioner
  • Most versatile leg prepper on the market
  • Infinite positioning possibilities
  • Adjustable height of 12” – 27”
  • Leg cradle measures 8” H x 5” W x 3½” D
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Attaches to the surgical table using a clark socket
  • Fits all surgical tables
  • Outstanding flexibility for superior leg positioning
  • Comes with a pressure management pad that easily slides on for patient comfort
Product NumberDescriptionProduct Picture
470-1330-0054LS-1003: Deluxe Arthroscopic Legholder SystemMeditek Leg Support LS-1003
470-1330-0055LS-1004: Altima Leg Holder with Urological Bar and Standard Fixed Boot, Cushions and with ClampsMeditek Leg Support LS-1004
470-1330-0059LS-1005-C: Meditek Lift Assist Stirrups with Cushions and with ClampsMeditek Leg Support LS-1005
470-1330-0064LS-1011: Pediatric Stirrup Set complete with 5 boot sizes, cushions and clampsMeditek leg supports
470-1330-0076LS-1700: Meditek Under Knee Crutch Supports (pair)Meditek Leg Support LS-1700
470-1330-0078LS-2000: Lithotomy Adult Leg HoldersMeditek Leg Support LS-2000
470-1330-0081LS-2020: Lithotomy Leg Holder Replacement Straps (Case of 2)Meditek Leg Support LS-2020
470-1330-0082LS-4800: Leg Prep PositionerMeditek Leg Support LS-4800
470-1330-0083LS-4850: Bariatric Uni-Prepper Prep unit with padMeditek Leg Support LS-4850
470-1330-0084LS-8500: Universal Split Leg AccessoryMeditek Leg Support LS-8500
470-0930-0042LS-3400: Arthroscopic Stress PostMeditek Leg Support LS-3400 & LS-3400-CS
470-0930-0043LS-3400-CS: Arthroscopic Stress Post with ClampMeditek Leg Support LS-3400 & LS-3400-CS

If you are looking for stirrups or leg supports for your facility or want to remanufacture your existing surgical equipment, contact us. We can help you select your new pair of stirrups and ensure you have the correct solution in place for the job.