Skytron Leg Supports

Skytron Leg Supports

Skytron Leg Supports give you the comfort and security you need in patient positioning. Contact us today for your quote.

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Skytron Leg Supports – More Choices for Maximum Capability

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Skytron Leg Supports give you the comfort and security you need in inpatient positioning.

Complement your Skytron surgical table with only the best accessories, thereby bringing greater positioning and functionality into your OR.

Our vast selection of accessories and positioning devices address a broad spectrum of clinical needs. When the right accessories are combined with your Skytron surgical table, your OR will be equipped to handle nearly any procedure.

Skytron partners with a number of best-in-class accessory suppliers, meaning that our menu presents the market’s leading devices. We carefully research and select each new accessory, allowing our customers to choose from the highest quality products available in today’s industry.

Each of our accessories is also supported with full replacement part availability. Rest assured that your Skytron table accessories will deliver the positioning flexibility, efficient set-up and reliable performance that you need.


Product NumberDescriptionProduct Picture
470-0600-00114-030-12-HD: 18" Foot extension with built in clamps and HD support rodSkytron leg supports
470-0600-00134-030-36: 36" Carbon Fiber ExtensionSkytron leg supports
470-0600-00144-030-40: 40" Carbon Fiber Extension for 3600B & 6700 SERIESSkytron leg supports
470-0930-00076990: Ortho Trax Surgical Table Ortho ExtensionOrtho Trax Surgical Table Ortho Extension
470-0930-00354-030-66: Singer Starr Leg Stackerskytron leg supports
470-1330-00244-010-01-1: Knee Crutches (Case of 2) without clamps [(Sure Clamp 6-040-08 recommended ) (2 ea.)]Skytron leg supports
470-1330-00264-020-02-4: Lithotomy Stirrups (Case of 2) without clamps [(Sure clamp 6-040-08 recommended) (2 ea.)]Skytron leg supports
470-1330-00294-030-10-B: 18" Knee rest**Skytron leg supports
470-1330-00304-030-60: Universal Split Leg Accessory w/ 2" pad (pr.) built-in clamps includedskytron leg support
470-1330-00314-030-61: Split Leg Section for 6700 SERIES & 3600Bskytron leg supports
470-1330-00334-090-03-1HD: Heavy Duty levitator stirrups, blade type, without clamps, with pads and straps (pr.) [(requires EZ-Grip Clamp 6-030-05-1) (2 ea.)]Skytron leg supports
470-1400-00074-030-18: Transfer board, side rail type (3100A, 6002, 1700, 6700 SERIES & 3600B)skytron leg supports
470-1400-00084-030-20: Transfer board, pin type (6002, 1700, 6700 SERIES & 3600B)skytron leg supports
470-1400-00094-030-22: Transfer Board pin type (3600B & 6700 SERIES)skytron leg supports

If you are looking for a cart holder, stirrups or leg supports for your facility or want to remanufacture your existing surgical equipment, contact us. We can help you select your new pair of stirrups and ensure you have the correct solution in place for the job.