Maquet Mobile Surgical Table Series

Maquet Mobile Surgical Table Series

Maquet surgical tables are focused on providing the best possible treatment for patients and optimal working conditions for the medical team.

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Maquet Mobile Surgical Table Series

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  • The Maquet 1130 surgical table is ideal for radiography, intraoperative image intensification and is C-Arm compatible.
  • The 1130 surgical table is mobile with a battery powered electrically controlled hydraulic drive.
  • The tabletop is divided into up to 8 sections.
  • The padded plates for the upper/lower sections and seat plate can be individually removed.
  • The operating table has a T-shaped base with large, easy-rolling, ball-bearing castors for lateral and transverse motion.
  • The Alphastar 1132.01 Surgical Table with all its drives, powers all the essential functions of the operating table and incorporates motor-powered travel to the base, making it truly a mobile operating table.
  • To live up to this promise, the tabletop functions are powered using the corded hand control or the optional infrared remote control and the base of the Alphastar incorporates motorpowered travel to maneuver and position the table with ease.
  • These features let you move the surgical table with maximum ease, at push button command – even if the patient is very heavy.
  • Alphastar offers everyone involved in surgery mobility.
  • The Maquet 1133.02 Alphamaxx surgical table is a versatile top slide surgical table designed to enhance patient safety and comfort.
  • It can withstand extreme loads in every configuration and can be set up for any surgical discipline in just a few easy steps.
  • ALPHAMAXX offers maximum load capacity, maximum flexibility and maximum comfort.
  • It can withstand even extreme loads in every position.
  • The modular structure allows adaptation to the patient’s body size and in no time at all it can be equipped for any surgical discipline.
  • Maximum height adjustment, longitudinal shift, lateral tilt and special positions as well as a load capacity of up to 450 kg are amongst its advantages.
  • ALPHAMAXX offers safety and stability in every situation.


Did you know?

Our remanufacturing process can save you thousands in capital expenses.

In the health care materiel management field, especially with today’s emphasis on cost restraint, buying a brand-new surgical table every time an existing table wears out or breaks down does not make good  economical sense.

Remanufacturing offers a sensible alternative that achieves significant cost savings while providing a peak level of quality and performance to the clinical staff and the patient in the OR.

remanufacturing surgical tables


Length80"71.3in (1810 mm)86 in (2180 mm)
Width21"20.5/21.2 in (520/535 mm)21 in (533 mm)
Weight of operating table715 lbs (325 kg)693 lbs (315 kg)
Maximum permissible load (Lift & Articulation)300 lbs500 lbs (227 kg)800 lbs (363 kg)
Maximum permissible load (Side Tilt)300 lbs500 lbs (227 kg)800 lbs (363kg)
Height28”-43”28.9 - 46 in (735 - 1170 mm)24 - 41 in (610 - 1041 mm)
Lateral tilt (left/right)25 degrees18°20°
Reverse Trendelenburg+30°/-30°30°30°
Back up/down+65°/-45°68°/25°80°/40°
Leg up/down+25°/-75°80°/105°10°/90°
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