Maquet Surgical Table Cushion Sets 1130

Maquet Surgical Table Cushion Sets 1130

Surgical Table Cushion Sets provide maximum comfort and minimal interference for medical staff. Contact us today for your quote.

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Meditek has a great selection of Maquet Surgical Table Cushion Sets

Surgical Table Cushion Sets provide maximum comfort and minimal interference for medical staff.

Standard Cushions: 

  • Comprised of a supportive robust urethane foam with a Lectrolite covering
  • Standard table cushion that we recommend for shorter surgical cases and for patients who are at low risk for developing ulcers
  • Electrically conductive

Premium Sof-Care Cushions: 

Our premium Sof-Care cushions are designed to offer superior pressure management that protects patients in three ways:

  • A top memory foam layer of cushion conforms to the patients anatomy
  • The middle layer transfers the pressure from bony prominences
  • The denser bottom layer prevents bottoming out.

These are our premium cushion sets, complete with a 4 way stretch anti-sheer Fusion cover that is electrically conductive.

For more information on Maquet Surgical Table Cushion Sets, please email or click on “Live Chat“.

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Part NumberThicknessDescription
470-0400-02332" SC-5330-S-2: Maquet 1130.01/1130.02 Standard Cushion Set
470-0400-03782" SF-5330-S-2: Maquet 1130.01 Sof Care Cushion Set