QA3 Patient Transport Stretchers

QA3 Patient Transport Stretchers

The QA3 Patient Transport Stretchers are designed for maximum ease of use combined with superior patient comfort. Contact us today for your quote.

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QA3 Patient Transport Stretchers

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The QA3 Patient Transport Stretchers have the highest weight capacity and lowest height on the market. The QA3 Stretchers are ideal for patient transport, examination and incubation in all healthcare environments.

A special model of the QA3 Patient Transport Stretchers is available for radiography in emergency areas. The QA3 Patient Transport Stretchers are designed for maximum ease of use combined with superior patient comfort.

Its compact construction is lightweight yet robust, and its advanced steering system and ergonomically positioned pushing handles make it extremely maneuverable and easily guided by one person. It descends to an exceptionally low height, while unique foldaway sides store away under the mattress footprint to give a virtually zero transfer gap. The backrest is gas-assisted for easy lifting and trendelenburg (and reverse trendelenburg) tilt can be operated instantly at any height from the head end.

QA3 Transport Stretcher

Designed for maximum patient comfort, the stretcher is extremely maneuverable, compact, lightweight and robust.

A specially designed version of the QA3 for Accident and Emergency departments. This includes an X-Ray translucent platform, a medirail and the K8 pressure care mattress. Optional features include a monitor shelf and a Venturi suction system.

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Castor Diameter6” (8” optional) 6” (8” optional)
Weigh Capacity705 lbs (320 kg)705 lbs (320 kg)
Minimum Stretcher Height18.75” (with 8" = 20.5”) 20.5” (with 8" = 22.25”)
Maximum Stretcher Height30.5” (with 8" = 32.25”) 32.25” (with 8" = 34”)
Stretcher Weight260 lbs. (with 8" = 265 lbs.) 300 lbs. (with 8" = 305 lbs.)
Mattress Length79.75”79.75”
Mattress Width27.75”27.75”
Mattress Depth3.5”3.5”
Stretcher LengthPatient Platform Flat 84”
Backrest Raised 71.75”
Patient Platform Flat 84”
Backrest Raised 71.75”
Stretcher Width Stretcher Sides Up31.75”31.75”
Stretcher Width Stretcher Sides Down29”29”
Reverse Trendelenburg
Backrest Articulation0° - 90°0° - 90°
Part Number2111021120