Skytron Mobile Surgical Lights

Skytron Mobile Surgical Lights

SKYTRON’s Stellar Series Surgical Lights provides 21st Century focusable lighting optics within extremely durable, light weight polymer lightheads…

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Skytron Mobile Surgical Lights

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The Aurora Four surgical lighting system consists of a portable stand mounted 24˝ (610mm) diameter lighthead. Continuous 360° rotation is provided at all lighthead rotation points, and 90° of vertical travel. Standard lighthead is equipped with a sterilizable center handle that allows surgeon control of lighthead positioning, focus and intensity. A focus knob and positioning handles are provided on the side of the lighthead for non-sterile control.


SKYTRON’s Nautilus LED series surgical light provides advanced fixed focus optics within an exceptionally durable, light weight polymer lighthead, creating the perfect balance of performance, portability, maneuverability, and dependability. The vertically segmented reflector optics provide shadow controlled illumination with a generous field size.


SKYTRON’s Stellar Series Surgical Light provides advanced fixed focus optics within exceptionally durable, lightweight polymer lightheads, creating the perfect balance of performance, maneuverability and dependability. The Vertical Segmented Reflector optics provide shadow controlled illumination and a generous field size. Typical applications include Labor & Delivery, Exam Treatment and Emergency rooms.

435-0200-0016 (AUA5S)435-0200-0011 (NL25S)435-0200-0013 (ST19S)
Aurora Four surgical lighting systemSKYTRON’s Nautilus LED series surgical lightSKYTRON’s Stellar Series Surgical Light
Intensity@4100K = 160,000
@4500K = 140,500
160,000 lux96,800 lux (9,000 fc)
Color Temperature@4100K
Beam Temperature@4100K = 532.3
@4500K = 475.9
578 watts/m2Less than 25,000 microwatts per cm2
CRI@4100K = 95
@4500K = 96
Diameter of lighthead 24˝25” (635 mm)19"
Lamp life 40,000 hours20,000 hrs
Bulb TypeLEDs with VSRD reflector technologyHigh efficiency LEDsHalogen 24V/50W.
Number of bulbs 7 individual LEDs and 12 fixed focus center mounted LEDs363
Electrical100-240VAC, 67-110VA, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 hz, 1 phase120V, 60 Hz, 1 phase
Fixture Weight128 lbs (58 kg)128 lbs. (58 kg.)90 lbs