Steris Orthovision Orthopedic Surgical Table

Steris Orthovision Orthopedic Surgical Table

The Steris Orthovision orthopedic surgical table is ideal for surgical imaging, setup efficiency and procedural flexibility.

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The Steris Orthovision Orthopedic Surgical Table is a mobile, manually operated orthopedic table.

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The Steris Orthovision Orthopedic Surgical Table is ideal for surgical imaging, setup efficiency and procedural flexibility.

Radiolucent abductor bars, wedge-shaped sacral rest and perineal post provide exceptional imaging capability, no matter how complicated the procedure.

The Steris Orthovision Orthopedic Surgical Table is designed primarily for hip and lower extremity procedures: hip pinning, ender nailing, intramedullary nailing of femur, tibia, and fibula surgery.

With optional accessories the table also allows for certain upper body procedures: shoulder surgery, non-operative myelograms, and hip spicas.

It provides flexible, easy-touse, articulated posturing of the patient for reconstructive and reparative orthopedic procedures.

  • The table folds into a neat, compact package (29 x 27-1/2 x 41″ [737 x 699 x 1041 mm]) when not in use.
  • The Tenzor™ Carbon Fiber Traction Unit provides precise, smooth adjustment to the amount of traction being pulled.
  • The tensiometer gives a visual indication of the traction being applied (up to 60 pounds of force).
  • Attaching a traction boot, a traction bow-block or a skeletal block is easy with the quick-connectstyle coupler, maximizing your ability to position the patient.
  • Base affords adequate, comfortable toe space on both sides with sufficient space to receive the support blades of a Mayo-type instrument stand.
  • Raise/lower, and floor lock pedals are at the head end.
  • Height-adjustable floor locks, one at each corner, and four swivel casters are provided


Did you know?

Our remanufacturing process can save you thousands in capital expenses.

In the health care materiel management field, especially with today’s emphasis on cost restraint, buying a brand-new surgical table every time an existing table wears out or breaks down does not make good  economical sense.

Remanufacturing offers a sensible alternative that achieves significant cost savings while providing a peak level of quality and performance to the clinical staff and the patient in the OR.

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 Steris Orthovision
Length87-5/32" (2214 mm)
Width27-1/2" (699 mm)
Weight Capacity (anatomic position)400 lbs. (181 kg)
Weight capacity (reverse orientation)300 lbs. (137 kg)
Height29 - 47 in. (731 - 1184 mm)
Lateral tilt (left/right)15°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trend15°/15°