Lucina 4 Recessed LED Exam Light
Lucina 4 Recessed LED Exam LightLucina 4 Recessed LED Exam Light

Lucina 4 Recessed LED Exam Light

The Lucina 4 recessed LED exam light from Skytron features exclusive strobe-guided technology. Perfect as a diagnostic/exam light in LDR, ICU, Hybrid ORs…

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Skytron Lucina 4 Recessed LED Light

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The Lucina 4 positioning wand makes sure that the light and caregiver remain focused on the patient. With a simple click of a button, guide the light beam to the targeted location. The Lucina 4 wand, available in configurations ranging from one to four lights, controls positioning and on/off of all lights simultaneously.


By mounting the Lucina 4 lights flush with the ceiling, each clinical space remains comfortable and less intimidating for the patient. In rooms with low ceiling heights or other mounting restrictions, the Lucina 4 integrates seamlessly and is less invasive than traditional exam lighting arm configurations. This light is perfect as a diagnostic/exam light in LDR, ICU, Hybrid Operating Rooms, Cath Labs, Exam Rooms and more.

Long-Lasting Energy Efficient LEDs

Combined with Skytron’s segmented reflector design the Lucina 4 produces brilliant, colour-correct lighting for a variety of clinical settings.

Ideal for exam lighting where low ceilings or ceiling mounted obstructions makes traditional support arm lighting a challenge.

Intensity14,000 lux @ 3 meters working distance
49,000 lux @ 1 meter
Range of Light beam
37-47 degrees
Color Temperature4500K
Electrical100-240 VAC
Power Consumption49-102 VA
Weight25 lbs.
Ceiling Height8’-10’ [2438.4mm-3048mm]
Fixture (square)24"