Skytron Dual Head Stellar Surgical Lights

Skytron Dual Head Stellar Surgical Lights

Skytron Dual Head Stellar Surgical Lights provide advanced fixed focus optics within exceptionally durable, lightweight polymer lightheads.

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Skytron Dual Head Stellar Surgical Lights provide advanced fixed focus optics within exceptionally durable, lightweight polymer lightheads, creating the perfect balance of performance, maneuverability and dependability. The Vertical Segmented Reflector optics provide shadow controlled illumination and a generous field size. Typical applications include ASC ORs, Labor & Delivery, Exam Treatment and Emergency rooms.

Download Product Overview ST1919

Download Product Overview ST1919WC

Download Product Overview ST2323

Download Product Overview SR LFS ST2323

ST1919, ST1919WC

The Skytron Stellar ST1919 surgical light utilizes advanced, fixed focus optics within an exceptionally durable lightweight polymer light head, creating the perfect balance of performance maneuverability and dependability. The vertical segmented reflector optics provides shadow free illumination and a generous field size. Its two 19” diameter light heads provide an adjustable intensity of up to 193,600 lux/18,000 foot candles.

Wall Mounted Intensity Control provides continuous intensity adjustment according to surgeon’s requirements and can be set for high or low line voltage to assure maximum performance. Wall Control provides intensity adjustment and ON/OFF control.

Requires wall control (B9-410-02).

ST2323, ST2323TV, SR ST2323, SR LFS ST2323

Skytron Stellar ST2323 utilizes advanced, focusable optics within an exceptionally durable lightweight polymer lighthead creating the perfect balance of performance maneuverability and dependability. The focusable segmented reflector optics provides shadow free illumination and a generous field size. Its two 23” diameter lightheads give an adjustable combined intensity via a wall mounted control of up to 260,000 lux/24,000 foot candles. All Stellar series lights come with Skytron’s exclusive soft-start bulb technology to dramatically extend bulb life.

ST2323: Skytron 2 Each 23″ Diameter center focus lights with 110 degree vertical travel.

ST2323TV: Skytron Dual fixture with one 23″ center focus and one 23″ camera ready lighthead. Includes 50 ft. of video cable, wall faceplate, counterweight and sterilizable camera sleeve.

SR ST2323: Supplied Remanufactured Skytron ST2323 Dual Head Surgical Light

SR LFS ST2323: Supplied Remanufactured Skytron LFSST2323 Dual Head Surgical Light with Flat Screen Arm.

435-0300-0243 (ST1919)
435-0300-0244 (ST1919WC)
435-0300-0247 (ST2323)
435-0300-0247-R (SR ST2323)
435-0300-0237 (LFSST2323 Flat Screen Arm)
Skytron Dual Surgical Light ST1919Skytron Dual Head Surgical Light ST2323
Intensity193,600 lux (18,000 fc)260,000 lux (24,000 fc)
Color Temperature4,000K4,000K
Beam TemperatureLess than 25,000 microwatts per cm2Less than 25,000 microwatts per cm2
Bulb TypeHalogen 24V/50W.Halogen 24V/50W
Number of bulbs310
Lighthead diameter19" (x 2)23" (x 2)
Fixture Weight:124 lbs.210 lbs.
LFSST2323 = 325 lbs.
Electrical120V, 60 Hz, 1 phase120V, 60 Hz, 1 phase
Power Consumption300watts (1,020 BTU/hr)500 watts (1,700 BTU/hr)
Amperage3.5 amps, fuse protected.5.0 amps, fuse protected.
Current LeakageLess than 30 microampsLess than 30 microamps