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Skytron Freedom Booms

The Freedom Boom grew from watching and listening to critical care healthcare teams and providing them with an efficient solution.

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Introducing Skytron Freedom Booms

The Freedom Boom grew from watching and listening to critical care healthcare teams and providing them with an efficient solution. The Freedom is designed with the latest technology for today’s operating, assisting you with more extended reach, reducing drift, and efficiently working within your footprint.

Freedom means having the ability to act or change without constraint. Skytron’s design lowers the risk of trip hazards or damages to the equipment.

360° Access

With Skytron’s exclusive Five-Stack design, a single mount provides 360° access to equipment and utilities. An ideal configuration for intensive care units, this solution provides comprehensive coverage even when the patient’s bed is pulled out or turned within the room.

Five-Stack Mount

  • Industry’s greatest number of arms (Five) from one mount
  • Position the equipment carrier, multiple displays, and lights anywhere around the patient
  • Eliminate rotational conflicts caused by side-by-side mounts
  • Reduce costs with only one mounting structure

Active Assist

  • Grab anywhere and move easily
  • No buttons to push and easy to position
  • Less maintenance
  • Stays where you put it

Modular design to support your needs

  • Ability to change to accommodate new demands
  • Change components without removing the entire structure

360 Skytron Freedom Boom

Better Design

Now featuring arm lengths up to 9’ 7” the Freedom boom allows the equipment to be positioned anywhere within a 19′ diameter (283.5 sq ft) of the mounting structure. A longer reach also means a boom can easily work around other equipment such as patient lifts or imaging systems.

Skytron Freedom Medical Boom.


Design the space the way your team needs it

  • Greater capacity for cabling, power, and gases
  • Flexibility to get equipment in that perfect spot
  • Increased design/layout options
  • Easier positioning of equipment
  • Future proof to support surgeries that may not even exist today

Increased safety

  • Reduce trip hazards to help prevent staff falls and damage to equipment
  • Easier cleaning helps lower infection rates
  • Less stress and frustration on staff means reduced errors

Skytron Freedom Medical Booms

More Efficient

Freedom Booms offer greater flexibility and performance than any other ceiling-mounted boom in the market. They are easy to operate, have no drift, and efficiently incorporate any necessary equipment

Skytron Hybrid Freedom Boom

The Freedom Boom system can assist healthcare teams in every environment or specialty. From extended arms for the hybrid operating room to flexible carrier coverage in the emergency room, we can provide a solution for any budget or specialty.

Find a solution for every environment or specialty:

  • General Operating Room
  • Hybrid Operating Room
  • C-Section Suite
  • Cath Lab
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Emergency Department
  • GI Lab

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