Meditek Mayo Stands

Meditek Mayo Stands

At Meditek, we provide quality mayo stands and stainless steel instrument tables for hospitals. Contact us today for your quote.

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Meditek Mayo Stands provide the best ease and convenience for medical staff

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Some of our Mayo Stands features:

  • Fully-welded stainless steel construction
  • Removable stainless steel tray
  • 2″ double ball bearing casters
  • Choose from foot or hand operated adjustment
  • 50 lbs. weight capacity (distributed evenly)
  • Base designed to move under low clearance equipment with maximum stability


Product NumberDescriptionDimensionsProduct Picture
445-0820-0000RE-5001: Foot Operated Mayo Stand, Slow-Descend Feature16 1/4” x 21 1/4" TrayFoot Operated Mayo Stand, Slow-Descend Feature
445-0820-0001RE-5002: Foot Operated Mayo Stand, Slow-Descend Feature20” x 25” TrayFoot Operated Mayo Stand, Slow-Descend Feature
445-0820-0002RE-5003: Foot Pedal Operated Mayo Stand16" x 21" trayFoot Operated Mayo Stand, Slow-Descend Feature
445-0820-0003RE-5024: Foot Operated Mayo Stand 20" x 25" TrayFoot Operated Mayo Stand
445-0820-0004RE-5025: Foot Operated Mayo Stand12 5/8" x 19" TrayFoot Operated Mayo Stand


Stainless Steel Meditek Mayo Stands

A well-built, durable mayo stand can mean the difference between a seamless workflow and one that impedes your team members’ ability to do their jobs properly. Meditek manufacturers a high quality stainless steel mayo stand that is ideal for use in a number of healthcare environments.  Built to provide years of reliable service, our mayo instrument stands can be found in some of Canada’s leading clinics, hospitals and other care centres.

Product Features

Meditek’s mayo tray stands feature fully-welded stainless steel construction built to stand up to some of the most demanding conditions. Both hand-adjustable and foot-adjusted models are available to suit a variety of working environments, including today’s integrated ORs.

All models feature a removable tray capable of holding up to 22 kilograms when distributed evenly. Our mayo instrument stands rest on durable double ball bearing casters, to provide easy transportation from room to room. An adjustable base has been designed to move under low-clearance equipment without affecting stability.

About Safe Descend Technology

Meditek’s stainless steel mayo stands are available with safe descend feature. Safe descent technology limits the speed at which the unit’s tray comes down, providing protection for your delicate instruments and ensuring staff safety. When you work with expensive tools on a daily basis, this limits the risk of costly repairs while keeping your team members protected at all times.

Your Partner for Maximum Productivity

For more than 30 years, Meditek has been committed to being your partner for L.I.F.E. — that means we strive to deliver Leadership, Innovation, Focus and Excellence in everything we do. Our exclusive mayo tray stands come with a two year warranty. With representatives in all major Canadian markets, we serve hospitals and surgery centres nationwide.

Our mayo tray stands are only a small portion of what we can do for our Canadian clients — contact a representative today for more information about our full line of new and  pre-owned surgical products, design and consulting services, and much more.