Steris 4085 General Surgical Table

Steris 4085 General Surgical Table

The Steris 4085 general surgical table handles virtually all the surgical specialties you expect a general surgical table to handle and provides…

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The Steris 4085 General Surgical Table provides complete flexibility for patient positioning, no matter how difficult the procedural or imaging requirements

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The Steris 4085 general surgical table handles virtually all the surgical specialties you expect a general surgical table to handle and provides outstanding access for C-arm, permitting high quality images crucial to cardiothoracic, orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures.

  • Its proven performance ensures increased productivity, ease of use and long term reliability.
  • The Steris 4085 Surgical Table is exceptionally intuitive, saving valuable minutes in the OR.
  • A four-section table top contours to all patient postures, the powered slide improves C-arm access, and the leg section can be quickly removed for unrestricted perineal access.
  • A powered, radiolucent kidney elevator enhances lateral procedures.
  • Its generous weight limits allow for use with virtually all patients, doing away with the need for multiple specialty tables.
  • Its light weight makes it easy to move, while its impact-resistant, cascading shrouds enable fast, easy cleaning.
  • To maximize your investment, the table is compatible with a broad array of previously purchased accessories.

Seconds are crucial when you have a critical patient on the table.

  • The 4085’s intuitive hand control instantly telegraphs table positioning data to caregivers with an easy-to-read digital display… without lifting the sterile drape.
  • A return-to-level button quickly and safely returns the patient to level mode. And its Auto Limit Sensor™ (ALS) allows you to operate the table without having to worry about unintended sectional collisions.
  • The four-section table top was designed using human factor analysis to anticipate ergonomic articulations of the anatomy to improve patient outcomes.
  • Smooth functioning hydraulic systems are designed to provide safer ergonomically structured movement for surgeon access to the operative site.
  • The table’s height and weight ranges accommodate virtually all patients.


Did you know?

Our remanufacturing process can save you thousands in capital expenses.

In the health care materiel management field, especially with today’s emphasis on cost restraint, buying a brand-new surgical table every time an existing table wears out or breaks down does not make good  economical sense.

Remanufacturing offers a sensible alternative that achieves significant cost savings while providing a peak level of quality and performance to the clinical staff and the patient in the OR.

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Length81 in (2057 mm)
Width20 in (508 mm)
Weight of operating table560 lbs (254 kg)
Maximum permissible load (Lift)1000 lbs (454 kg)
Maximum permissible load (Articulation)600 lbs (272 kg)
Height26 - 45 in (660 - 1143 mm)
Lateral tilt (left/right)20°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trend30°/30°
Top Slide18”
Powered Kidney Bridge4 in (150 mm)
Back up/down80°/40°
Leg up/down0°/105°
Base braking (lock/unlock)Yes
Return to levelYes
Steris Part Number4085