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Bariatric Stretchers

Obesity in Canada has emerged as a major public health concern, with rates more than tripling in the period between 1985 and 2011. As this trend continues, its implications for caregivers is becoming more clear  — bariatric surgeries will become more common and special equipment and customized facilities will be necessary to maintain patient comfort and privacy.

Meditek sells a number of different products for the treatment of obese patients, including bariatric stretchers designed to simplify patient transport. We offer stretchers by Techlem as well as our proprietary QA5 line of products. Both options provide valuable features for dealing with the persistent problems of accessibility and positioning when performing bariatric procedures.

Techlem Bariatric Stretchers

The Techlem 5000 series of stretchers is designed to accommodate patients of all sizes. Featuring the company’s Posi-Lock braking system, fifth wheel steering, full length side rails and more, the 5000 series of bariatric stretchers allows for hands-free adjustment in Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg positions.

Optional features include push-pull handles, a Fowler crank, knee gatch positioning and a full-width, pressure-sensitive mattress. Ideal for a number of bariatric interventions, the 5000 series stretcher is an excellent choice for any facility that wants to improve their ability to serve obese patients.

Meditek Bariatric Stretchers

In addition to the Techlem 5000 series, Meditek manufactures its own line of stretchers built to accommodate patients weighing up to 450 kilograms. Our QA5 bariatric stretchers are available in both powered and non-powered models. Both feature solid steel construction, heavy duty casters and a 100 cm width. QA5 stretchers offer both patient comfort and caregiver convenience, with left and right side access, foot pedal control, a built-in CPR release mechanism and many other useful features.

Bariatric Stretcher Reconditioning

Of course, it isn’t always possible for every hospital  to afford  new bariatric stretchers. For that reason, Meditek offers remanufactured and refurbished stretchers for working in today’s sophisticated bariatric ORs.

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