Surfacide Helios UV-C Light Disinfection Robots

Meet the Helios system from Surfacide. The Surfacide Helios® System is the only patented, UV-C hard surface disinfection solution to use multiple light-emitting robots in a single cycle of disinfection, resulting in greater efficiency in less time.

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Meet the Surfacide Helios System – UV-C Light Disinfection Robots

The Surfacide UV light disinfection robots can cover an entire room and are able to adjust UV-C dosage based on variables such as room size, layout, furnishings, and environmental characteristics.

Every year, thousands of people across the country are affected by healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). Infection prevention is now one of the most important factors in controlling expenditures for hospitals, as germ-killing prevention is much easier to budget for than a widespread HAI. Harmful organisms and bacteria remain on both patient and operating room surfaces after traditional cleaning.

Disinfection of environmental surfaces is not exclusive to hospitals anymore.

New times call for new solutions. Surfacide Helios disinfection robots can prevent the spread of dangerous microorganisms like COVID-19 and create a safer environment for any industry and business from long-term care facilities, schools, police stations, universities to restaurants, hotels, and fitness facilities.

UV-C light disinfection robots by Surfacide is scientifically proven to rapidly decontaminate SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) colonized surfaces, reducing virus and bacteria in a single cycle in as little as 5 minutes.

Surfacide Helios

Features and Benefits:

  • PowerBoost UV™ pushes Sufacide units beyond the UV disinfection capabilities of any other UV-C disinfection robot.
  • SmartDosage UV™ technology automatically adjust UVC dosage and treatment time as the robot operates
  • Field Balance™ sends more power to the areas of the room that need it
  • 3 UV light robot systems that cover the full spectrum of disinfection needs at varying price points
  • One-step, whole-room UV light treatment operated by an easy-to-use, wireless hand-held Steri-Trak™ controller


Overcoming the Shadows:
With 3 emitters, the Surfacide system is able to cover more surface area than single emitters during a single cycle. Single emitter systems, including pulsed xenon gas systems, simply cannot reach all high touch surfaces in a single disinfection cycle. With Surfacide’s three emitters operating during the same disinfection cycle, more surfaces are exposed, leaving behind a safer environment.

Distance Matters:
As the distance to a surface increases, less energy is delivered to that surface. Surfacide’s three emitters are closer to more surfaces than all other UV systems, addressing more areas for further protection. Because three times the coverage is better than one.
Surfacide Helios – Most advanced germ-killing UV robot in the world

    • Single, Dual or Triple configurations
    • Pair up to 5 units together!
    • Laser room matting ensures uniform delivery of energy
    • UV-C energy meter confirms sufficient energy output
    • Parabolic reflection concentrates energy to deliver it to where it’s needed
    • Unique“Scrub” mode targets areas unable to be addressed by single emitters.

Watch these short videos of Surfacide in action:

Surfacide vs Standard UV

UV Light and Distance

Laser Room Scanning

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