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Surgical Arm Head Supports

Ensuring accurate positioning and maintaining patient comfort are critical priorities during any type of surgical intervention. Arm supports are an important ally in both these goals. For a number of different procedures, investing in quality arm supports can also decrease the risk of complications or negative outcomes.

Meditek carries a large inventory of surgical table arm supports for both general purposes and specialized operating tables. In addition to quality products by Skytron, we also manufacture our own line of value-priced accessories. Keep browsing this page for more information about our product lineup, or contact a representative in your area to request a quote.

Surgical Table Arm Supports: Key Benefits

Surgical arm supports are essential for positioning patients in a manner that promotes greater comfort and reduces pressure, while not impeding access during delicate procedures. Arm supports can decrease the risk of upper extremity neuropathy during neurosurgery. They can also help prevent axillary artery compression and brachial plexus injury while performing spinal or neurological procedures in the lateral position.

Comfortable, supportive arm supports reduce stress, which has a psychological benefit to the patient as well, speeding up recovery time and decreasing the risk of complications. In short, there are clear benefits to choosing a quality arm support. Invest in your patients — and the future of your clinic — by shopping Meditek today.

Our Product Lineup

Skytron surgical table arm supports offer solid construction of cast aluminum, steel or carbon fibre as well as comfortable, hypoallergenic paddings. Compatible with all standard surgical tables, the Skytron lineup of products includes premium, standard and radiolucent arm boards, extra-wide, raised and pivoting models, and specialized products for hand and arm surgeries. All products feature an oversized easy release handle that makes installing or removing the unit fast and simple.

An affordable alternative to Skytron products, our proprietary surgical table arm supports are another great choice for any facility. Featuring solid construction and a range of positioning and cushion options, our products attach to all standard North American surgical tables and include heavy-duty gears to eliminate the possibility of injury.

Meditek Armboards Video

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Request a Quote Today

MEDITEK has been selling surgical table accessories for more than 30 years. Our network of sales associates covers all major Canadian markets, and we can quickly respond to your needs. We offer long-term support for everything we sell, both our own products and those from other manufacturers. This encompasses not just warranty work but also preventative maintenance and replacement parts.

Let us match you with the right operating table arm support for your clinic. In addition to new equipment, we also sell used and refurbished items that offer like-new performance at a fraction of the cost. To discuss your options in detail and request a quote for any surgical table accessory, contact our head office to connect with a local representative today.