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Surgical Leg Holders and Stirrups

Comfortable, secure stirrups and leg supports are an essential ally in a number of surgical procedures. If you need to replace aging equipment or expand your capacity with new lithotomy stirrups or other products, Meditek can help. We offer nationwide sales and support for a number of leading products, including Meditek remanufactured Allen Medical Yellofins® Stirrups.

Our Products

  • Leg supports: Meditek sells and services a large selection of surgical leg holders, including our proprietary brand of products. For superior positioning, durable construction and simple attachment to any surgical table, Meditek leg supports offer exceptional value at an affordable price point.
  • Foot extensions: Use foot extensions to accommodate taller patients or to provide a vertical foot support. We carry multiple products with or without clamps and cushions. A Meditek representative can help you select the best purchase for your table.
  • Stirrups: Meditek’s Remanufactured Allen Medical Yellofins® Stirrups are among the most trusted products of their kind. Known for delivering superior positioning in a number of lithotomic procedures, these stirrups offer protection for the head of the fibula and the peroneal nerve. Use them for almost any procedure, including colposcopies, AP resections, radical perinea prostatectomies and more.

Remanufactured Stirrups

An economical alternative to buying new, Meditek also sells remanufactured stirrups. Our remanufactured products have undergone comprehensive reconditioning, fixing any wear or defects to provide a product in like-new condition for a fraction of the cost. Our experienced technicians complete the ReNew process under controlled conditions. Whenever possible, OEM parts are used — because of this, we are able to offer a two-year warranty on all reconditioned items.

Allen Medical Yellofins® Stirrup Parts

In addition to supplying and servicing remanufactured Allen Medical Yellofins® Stirrups, we also have parts and accessories that allow you to expand your working capabilities. They also allow you to perform maintenance and repairs in-house. Contact a Meditek representative directly for pricing and availability.

Installation and Service Support

At Meditek we are committed to not only offering the best selection of products, but also backing them up with service and support for as long as you own them. Often that begins during the installation process, when our team can assist with design and consulting. We will ensure you get the maximum benefit from your purchase.

We can also supply on-site repairs and maintenance so your stirrup or leg support continues to deliver the performance you need. We will resolve any problems with minimal disruption to your patients.

Find out more about what we can do for you by contacting a Meditek sales representative today!

*Yellofins® is a registered trademark of Allen Medical Systems, Inc.

*Lift-Assist® is a registered trademark of Allen Medical Systems, Inc.