Vac Pac and Bean Bag Positioners

Vac positioners and surgical bean bags play a number of important roles in today’s operating theatres and exam rooms. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for patient positioning, our versatile vac pacs are an excellent choice.

Available Products

Meditek manufactures several bean bag and vac pac products for positioning patients during a number of different surgical procedures. These affordable positioners are an excellent, economical way to improve surgeon access, increase patient comfort, and streamline the workflow of nurses and other key support staff.

We offer both rectangular and horseshoe shaped surgical bean bag positioners in a variety of sizes. Browse our current inventory below, or contact a sales representative for more information. We may be able to accommodate customization requests and one-off orders to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Using a Vac Pac or Bean Bag Positioner

Bean bag and vac pac positioners offer a number of benefits during medical imaging, traditional surgeries and minimally-invasive procedures. Hypoallergenic, easy to sterilize and flexible enough to accommodate different-sized patients, our bean bag positioners reduce the risk of ulcers or other complications developing during a long procedure. An excellent means of correctly positioning a patient safely and easily, they are also a good alternative to a gel positioning pad. They can be easily replaced or repaired without a large expense.

Product Support and Design Consulting

In addition to supplying a full selection of affordable surgical vac pacs and positioners, Meditek offers service support, consulting and more to help you run a more efficient, effective operation. Our exam room and OR consultants specialize in streamlining procedures, designing more workable spaces, and helping you get more use out of your existing resources. We also provide remanufacturing services for surgical tables, lighting, exam beds and other important equipment.

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For surgical positioners and more, you can count on Meditek for everything you need to meet your budgetary requirements while providing an exceptional standard of care for your patients. In everything we do, we promise to deliver Leadership, Innovation, Focus and Excellence — contact a local representative today to learn more about what we can do for you.