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Transfer Boards

Injury during patient transfer is one of the overlooked occupational hazards healthcare workers face on a daily basis. An investment in new roller boards for your facility not only improves the comfort of your patients, it also makes life easy for your nurses, paramedics and other key team members.

Used in everything from pediatric to bariatric applications, transfer boards must be able to support patients of a wide range of sizes. Meditek carries a number of advanced, reliable medical transfer boards for clinics of all specialties. Follow the links on this page to learn more about individual products or, better yet, contact a representative in your area for in-person assistance and demos.

The Samarit Rollbord

One of the newest additions to Meditek’s patient transfer board line, the Samarit Rollbord is an ideal choice for a number of clinical applications. Built and tested to reduce strain on caregivers’ shoulders and lower backs, the Rollbord delivers safer and faster lateral patient transfer. Samarit Rollbords are easy to clean and sterilize, completely non-toxic and allergen-free. Choose from multiple sizes, suitable for everything from pediatric to bariatric transfers.

Also from Samarit, the Rollbord Mini Gyn is specially designed for use in urology and gynaecology operating theatres, as well as in wake-up stations and for emergency use. At just 1.4 kg, the 91 x 50 cm Mini Gyn features Teflon sliding fabric, polyethylene security endings and a sturdy foam core. It is strong enough for heavy-duty use, completely flame retardant and anti-bacteriologic for easy cleaning. Best of all, all Samarit Rollbords come with a three-year warranty, which Meditek services across Canada.

Meditek Patient Transfer Boards

An economical alternative to Samarit products, Meditek’s own line of patient transfer boards is perfect for clinics on a budget. Three sizes are available — 63 cm, 76 cm and 170 cm — to accommodate both pediatric and adult patients. With a simple, easy-to-use design, these products facilitate patient transfer in a number of different healthcare settings.

We also feature a wall mounting kit for convenient storage and fast access in emergency situations, as well as disposable Rollbord covers. For more information, including pricing and availability, contact a Meditek representative near you.

Why a Quality Patient Transfer Board Is Important

Back and shoulder injuries are among the most common workplace injuries that nurses and other hospital support staff suffer. Sprains and repetitive stress injuries can lead to lost productivity, staff shortages and even potential liability issues — all things that not only cost you time and money, but that also affect the level of care you can provide your patients.

Medical transfer boards have been clinically proven to reduce the rate of injuries of hospital staff, without sacrificing patient comfort. Investing in a high quality patient transfer board — whether by Samarit, Meditek or any other trusted manufacturer — means improved occupational safety and less downtime due to injury. This in turn improves the overall ability of your clinic to serve its patients.

Used and Refurbished Products

We frequently have refurbished products for sale. These products offer excellent value for any facility, and have been fully inspected and serviced as necessary by our team of highly skilled technicians. For more information, contact your local sales representative today.

About Meditek

For more than 30 years, Meditek has been an important partner to Canada’s leading healthcare providers. We offer nationwide sales and service for a number of important medical device manufacturers. We specialize in helping our clients implement cutting-edge technologies that improve patient comfort.

In addition to offering sophisticated and economical patient transfer boards, we also provide consulting services. We’ll help you identify gaps in your workflow and get more out of your existing resources.

Meditek’s sales team serves all major markets from coast to coast. Call or email our head office for assistance finding a representative near you.