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Maquet Surgical Tables

Available from Meditek, Maquet operating tables offer excellent value and exclusive features designed to simplify surgical interventions in both traditional and hybrid operating environments. Since 1838, the Maquet name has stood for excellence and innovation in medical technology — the company’s current line-up of operating tables is no exception to this history.

Choose a Maquet table in any application calling for superior stability, positioning and ergonomics.

Mobile Maquet Surgical Tables

For hospitals where safe and easy patient transport is essential, Maquet mobile surgical tables are an excellent, economical choice. Meditek offers several different models suitable for use in radiography, bariatric, general surgery and a number of other different procedures. Available options such as C-arm attachments and infrared remote positioning control add extra flexibility in hybrid operating theatres or any other surgical environment.

Meditek sells the Maquet-exclusive ALPHAMAXX table — one of the company’s most versatile products. It’s the result of countless hours of research and dialogue with active practitioners. ALPHAMAXX tables offer a number of features you won’t find on any other product, including:

· up to 45 centimetres (18 inches) of longitudinal shift for added C-arm access

· a maximum capacity of 450 kilograms (990 pounds)

· a reverse mode for rotating patient positioning by 180 degrees

· an easy-click attachment system for adding extensions and modules

Orthopaedic Surgery Tables

Designed to meet the specific positioning and transport needs of today’s surgeons, Maquet orthopaedic operating tables provide a convenient surface for open and closed nailing, total hip replacement, AO techniques and many other procedures. You’ll find the 1420 and 1425 Maquet surgical tables in hospitals across the country, where they are counted upon to increase patient comfort and enhance workflow.

Available features include integrated traction bars, electro-hydraulically adjustable shoulder plates, and additional patient positioning packages to accommodate complex spinal interventions.

Available Nationwide From Meditek

Meditek is proud to be a leading national vendor of Maquet operating tables in Canada. For more than 30 years, we have been a trusted supplier to clinics and hospitals across the country. We can not only help you meet the budget challenges of today, but we can also position your facility to be a future leader with products that support the upcoming surgical interventions.

With a network of sales representatives in all Canadian major markets, we can supply Maquet surgical tables and other products to clinics across the country.

Your Partner for L.I.F.E.

Meditek offers more than just sales of the latest Maquet operating tables. Our experts can assist you with installation, design, and many other hospital consulting services that will improve your workflow and bottom line. It’s this commitment to delivering the very best to our customers that makes us your partner for L.I.F.E. — count on our team for Leadership, Innovation, Focus and Excellence in all things. Contact a representative today.