Skytron Surgical Tables

Committed to being your partner for L.I.F.E., Meditek has been delivering Leadership, Innovation, Focus and Excellence in everything we do since 1981. Our partnership with Skytron means we can now offer the company’s full range of surgical tables to hospitals and clinics across Canada. Perfect for both traditional and hybrid operating environments, Skytron tables are an excellent choice for a range of surgical interventions.

Why Skytron?

For more than 40 years, Skytron surgical tables have been known throughout the medical community for their superior performance and unprecedented innovation. By selecting a Skytron surgical table for your hospital, you’ll receive value for years to come. By choosing Skytron, you’ll benefit from:

  • Superior accessibility: A number of features make Skytron operating tables the ideal choice for any image-guided procedure where accessibility is key. Skytron top slide tables allow the patient to be moved easily through the imaging window. Top rotation tables afford extra space on either end to accommodate C-arm attachments or provide additional leg room for seated team members.
  • More positioning and accessory options: Skytron surgical tables feature a low-profile base that doesn’t impede imaging equipment or accessories, and makes set-up quick and easy. Removable back and leg sections allow for additional positioning options, which contribute to greater flexibility and safety. Skytron surgical tables are also available with up to 450 kilogram (1000 pound) articulated weight ratings, making them suitable for bariatric procedures.
  • Low ownership costs: Easy to maintain and versatile enough to fulfil a variety of roles in a modern clinical setting, Skytron tables are an excellent investment for any hospital. Find out more by speaking with a Meditek representative near you today.

Meditek sells a number of different Skytron products for general surgery and specialized applications such as neurology, urology and 3D imaging. No matter what the specific needs of your clinic are, we’ll match you with the right product for your budget.

Remanufacturing Services

Meditek also offers remanufacturing of Skytron operating tables for hospitals on a budget. We understand how important it is to make the most of your resources — if your operating tables are no longer providing the performance you need, we may be able to help.

Our remanufacturing service corrects a number of problems common to older machines, including worn or sagging tops, malfunctioning controls and leaky hydraulics.

We also frequently remanufacture Skytron operating tables for sale, perfect for growing your clinic on budget. Whether we’re working with your existing equipment or you’re buying used, all remanufactured tables feature a two-year unconditional warranty on all parts and labour.

Contact Meditek Today

With a team of representatives serving markets across the country, Meditek is Canada’s choice for new and used Skytron surgical tables. In addition to sales, we also offer consulting and installation support, preventative maintenance and more.