Medical Examination Tables

From transport stretchers to surgical beds, Meditek sells and services Canada’s best selection of medical procedure tables. We carry a number of economical and functional medical exam tables that are built to deliver exceptional patient comfort and superior access for physicians.

Whether your clinic specializes in paediatric, bariatric or general medicine, we can match you with the right exam table for your specific needs. Browse our current catalogue of products or contact a sales representative for more information.

Installation Support

When you purchase a new exam table from Meditek, you always get our expert installation services. This will simplify the delivery process and minimize delays.

Our design experts can assess your space and determine the optimal installation for improving clinician workflows and maintaining patient and staff safety. We are available for assistance at all stages of the installation process, from transport to setup and quality control.

ReNew Remanufactured Examination Tables

It’s no secret that all across the country clinics and other healthcare facilities are facing increasingly tight budgets. Having to make the most out of existing equipment is a common practice — one that no longer means sacrificing the level of care you give your patients.

Meditek offers medical examination table remanufacturing services. Reduce your capital expenditures while still having reliable equipment on hand!

Meditek’s ReNew program corrects many of the problems that become common when medical exam tables age, such as:

· Unstable or drifting tops that can no longer support a patient’s weight.

· Leaking hydraulics or malfunctioning electronics.

· Worn out, noisy gears or unpredictable movement.

Meditek is fully insured and registered with Health Canada to provide medical exam table reconditioning services. Our reconditioned products come with a minimum two-year warranty. We have a substantial inventory of parts on hand to quickly turn around even large orders. We can even arrange for your facility to use a loaner table while work is being done.

Remanufacturing your worn exam tables can save hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars over the cost of buying new. Not only will you save money, you’ll also reduce downtime caused by malfunctioning equipment.

Ultimately what all these advantages add up to is a higher quality of care for your patients and a better quality of life for your staff. To find out more, or to request a quote for remanufacturing, contact your local Meditek representative today.

About Meditek

Since 1981 Meditek has been a proud partner to Canada’s leading healthcare facilities. We offer nationwide sales and product support, as well as consulting services that help you work more effectively. If you’re in the market for a new medical table, let us help you find the right model for your budget.