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A rapidly aging population has created a need for advanced orthopedic equipment, including surgical tables that support sophisticated imaging and non-invasive procedures. If you’re considering investing in your clinic’s working capacity, Meditek can help.

Our Brands

Meditek is a remanufacturer of orthopedic tables from some of the leading orthopedic surgical equipment manufacturers today. Follow the links on this page to learn more about available products from the following companies:

  • Maquet: Maquet orthopedic surgery tables are ideal for use in total hip replacements, osteosynthesis, traumatology and general spinal surgeries. A wide range of optional accessories aid in patient positioning during these and other demanding surgical interventions.
  • Steris: Steris orthopedic surgery tables integrate easily with sophisticated imaging equipment and feature radiolucent abductor bars, a wedge-shaped sacral rest and a perineal post. Use a standard Steris table for hip and lower extremity procedures or add on optional accessories to perform shoulder surgeries, non-operative myelograms and more.
  • Amsco: Amsco Orthographic II orthopedic surgical tables are designed to offer value and flexibility in any application. With a focus on making advanced imaging procedures simple, Amsco surgical tables are an excellent choice for the hybrid operating room.

Orthopedic Surgical Table Re-manufacturing

Investing in new surgical tables is one of the best steps a modern orthopedic surgery center can take to bring its operations up to date. If budget constraints make that impossible at the moment, there is another option available. Meditek offers one of the most advanced orthopedic surgery table re-manufacturing programs in the country.

Our technicians begin by reviewing the current state of your equipment and assessing exactly what needs to be done to restore it to like-new condition. This can include repairing sagging tabletops, fixing electrical issues with controls or adding engineering upgrades that allow you to incorporate newer imaging and diagnostic technologies into your workflow.

All re-manufactured orthopedic surgery tables are covered by a comprehensive two-year warranty. Because each job is different, please contact a Meditek representative in your area to schedule an appointment and request a quote.

Design Consulting for the Hybrid OR

Orthopedic patients have been one of the primary beneficiaries of the move toward minimally invasive surgical procedures in recent years. In fact, hybrid OR setups can be found in some of the top orthopedic surgery centers in the world. Meditek has established itself as a leader in the hybrid OR, offering not only a full suite of advanced orthopedic operating tables and other tools, but also comprehensive consulting services that help you incorporate this valuable new technology on a budget. We provide assistance with every step of the process, from the initial design phase to equipment installation and staff training. Want to learn more? Call or email our head office today.