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Urology and cystology clinics across Canada count on Meditek for all of the equipment they need to succeed. As a valued partner to healthcare providers from coast to coast, we can help you and your team make more effective use of your resources through strategic investments in the latest urology surgery tables and other equipment. Read on to discover the many benefits today’s sophisticated tools can offer your team.

Innovative Products by Leading Manufacturers

The right choice of urology surgical table can play a key role in your clinic’s ability to deliver an outstanding level of care for your patients. At Meditek, we choose the manufacturers we partner with carefully, so each of our products will deliver value and performance in clinical settings where these qualities matter most. We are pleased to offer urology surgical tables by:

  • Skytron: Skytron urology surgery tables are designed to maximize C-arm access during ureteroscopies and other imaging procedures. A key component of a hybrid operating environment, a Skytron table is an excellent choice for any clinic looking to offer more minimally invasive surgeries.
  • Biodex: The Biodex 810 surgical table has been built specifically for urology and cystology applications. It features sophisticated positioning capabilities, a radiolucent extension for brachytherapy treatment and more. The Biodex 810 is particularly well-suited for seed implantation procedures.

Improve Accessibility With a New Urology Surgical Table

All urology surgical tables available from Meditek have been designed to improve accessibility for your doctors and staff, making difficult or delicate procedures simpler. When your team can get where they need to go with fewer movements, it streamlines processes and reduces the risk of error. Urology surgical tables by Biodex and Skytron incorporate features such as power positioning, foot controls and more. To learn more, follow the links below to visit individual product pages or contact a Meditek representative in your area today.

Training and Consulting From the Meditek Experts

The right tools are essential to performing delicate urological procedures, but a well-designed facility, staffed by trained professionals who know how to use this equipment to its fullest potential, can translate to notable improvements in patient satisfaction. Through its design consulting and training services, Meditek can help your team work more effectively. For more information about what we can do for you, call or email your local sales representative today.

Make Meditek Your Partner for L.I.F.E.

With an emphasis on leadership, innovation, focus and excellence, Meditek has been a valued partner to Canadian surgical centers and other healthcare facilities for more than 25 years. Whether you are moving towards incorporating hybrid OR technologies or simply in need of a new urology surgery table on a budget, we can help. From sales and service to design consulting and training, our goal in everything we do is to give you the tools you need to serve patients better.