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Seal Shield ElectroClave™ UV-C Disinfection Systems

The ElectroClave™ UVC disinfection systems by Seal Shield™ is the first 360-degree LED UV-C disinfection and mobile device management application for medical-grade disinfection in any environment.

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ElectroClave™ UV-C Light Disinfection Boxes

Prevent the spread of dangerous microorganisms and combat COVID-19 with Seal Shield’s ElectroClave™ UV-C disinfection systems.

It is essential for healthcare and customer-facing environments to implement and enforce hygiene and sanitization protocols to prevent the spread of bacterias and viruses. Although hand washing and wearing masks can be a preliminary solution, it is not enough to combat dangerous microorganisms when clean hands touch contaminated surfaces. The bottom line is that clean hands should touch clean devices to stop the spread of unseen pathogens and bacteria that harbour mobile devices and other personal items.

ElectroClave Box - MEDITEK

The revolutionary ElectroClave™ UVC disinfection system by Seal Shield™ is the first 360-degree LED UV-C disinfection and mobile device management application for medical-grade disinfection in any environment.

The ElectroClave™ provides an all-in-one solution for UV-C disinfection and device management, with smart technologies that simplify and reduce manual processes. The proprietary Seal Shield patented UV-C disinfection technology offers unmatched sterilization, efficacy, speed, and safety with simultaneous multiple device capacity. The ElectroClave UV-C sanitizer is compatible with almost all handheld electronic devices. It’s also practical with numerous industry equipment used in any organization.

ElectroClave™ UV-C Disinfection Cabinet 2-Bay

ElectroClave™ UV-C Disinfection Cabinet 3-Bay

ElectroClave™ UV-C Disinfection Cabinet 4-Bay

Features and Benefits:

  • 360 Degree Exposure
  • Rapid Sanitization
  • AOAC Efficacy Testing
  • Zero Material Degradation
  • UV-C Smart Sanitization

Adaptable for Multiple Devices

Multiple bay configurations to accommodate most handheld electronics, mobile devices, and high-touch items for easy sanitization.

Integrated RFID Technology

Leverages RFID technology for device tracking and management along with hands-free employee badge access.

Compliance Policy Monitoring

Allows custom policies to be deployed by device, by the user, or by the department to ensure compliance and patient safety by ensuring devices are properly sanitized and digitally wiped before and after use through the integration with various MDM solutions.

Total & Customizable Disinfection

The ElectroClave 360-degree UVC disinfection system offers shadowless, dust-free bays for complete mobile device disinfection and sterilization of personal items. Customizable cycles offer flexibility tailored to workflow and efficacy requirements across organizations.

Mobile Device Imaging/Syncing

Over-the-wire syncing of devices through MDM. The ElectroClave system provides unique user access, facilitates syncing for Ground Control and Apple Configurator, automated maintenance and service support with a warranty. Integration capabilities include RTLS, EMR/EHR, and MDM (e.g. Ground Control).

Mobile Device Management

ElectroClave UV-C light disinfection application enables organization visibility on mobile devices to user association, mobile device physical location, department allocation, and facilitates HIPAA compliance.

Notifications / Alerts

UV-C disinfection system provides customizable notifications/alerts via email and SMS to simplify the management of workflows and a mobile app that gives end-users awareness of disinfection status and next disinfection cycle needed.

ElectroClave Status Monitoring

The system features real-time display and indication of ElectroClave UV-C disinfection operation status and disinfection status throughout the organization.

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