Surgical & Exam Lights

Medical Lights

Reliable lighting is essential in any surgical environment. An easy-to-use, bright and glare-free light streamlines your workflow, frees up support staff and can take important seconds off procedure times. Sophisticated, powerful and reliable products can help improve patient outcomes, particularly during modern, minimally invasive procedures where accurate imaging is key.

As one of Canada’s leading suppliers of surgical and exam room products, MEDITEK sells and services surgical lights by some of today’s leading manufacturers. View our current inventory of surgical lights by Skytron, Maquet, Steris and more.

Our Products

Our surgical lights can be broken down into five main categories. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our online catalogue, contact a sales representative for assistance. We may be able to source or manufacture a product that meets your specific needs.

  • Ceiling-mounted surgical lights: Ceiling-mounted surgical lights remain the most popular of the many options on the market today. Meditek has a large catalogue of ceiling-mounted products, including dual-head Skytron LED surgical lights, one of our bestselling items. Also available are triple- and single-head lights, available in either LED or halogen styles.
  • Wall-mounted surgical lights: Wall-mounted lights are popular in a number of clinical applications, including minor procedure rooms, outpatient surgery, and exam rooms. . Meditek sells products by both Skytron and Burton, two of the most respected names in medical lighting.
  • Recessed medical lights: Recessed surgical lighting has grown increasingly popular in recent years as more and more facilities are looking for technologically advanced space-saving solutions. Recessed Skytron surgical lights feature a strobe-guided remote control that provides precision positioning in environments such as birthing rooms, where traditional surgical lighting products are not practical.
  • Mobile surgical lights: Meditek sells mobile surgery lights by Skytron and Burton. When you need a product that delivers flexible positing, light weight and superior focus, both brands manufacture a number of great options for every budget.
  • Medical headlights: Meditek is the only company to offer the Optimaxx surgeon headlight, the most advanced product of its kind. Incorporating a number of exclusive technologies, the Optimaxx is lighter, brighter and more comfortable than any other competing surgical head light.

Lighting Hybrid Operating Rooms

The current trend towards hybrid and integrated operating environments requires specialized lighting solutions tailored to improve . Meditek is Canada’s leader in hybrid OR implementation, having been instrumental in the development of some of our country’s cutting-edge facilities.

In October 2015, Meditek oversaw the installation of the Peter Lougheed Centre’s new hybrid operating room. The facility, located in Calgary, was the first of its kind in Western Canada, and it boasts a Siemens robotic C-arm imaging system. To complement this advanced technology, the Meditek team added new Skytron operating room lighting specially designed for hybrid ORs.

The Peter Lougheed Centre is just one example of Meditek’s expertise and sophisticated operating room lighting products in action. We’ve completed similar projects for the Foothills Medical Centre, also in Calgary, BC’s Royal Columbian Hospital, the Regina General Hospital and several other leading facilities.

Consulting Services

The first step in upgrading your operating room lights or moving to a hybrid environment is to meet with a Meditek representative. We will go over your options and develop a clear plan to move forward that includes all the equipment you need to serve your patients better. We can help you choose appropriate surgical lighting and provide other important consultations as you upgrade your capacities. Contact us today for more information about our full list of services.

Long-Term Service and Support

Our operating room lighting products have been carefully selected to offer seamless and trouble-free performance, even in the most demanding clinical environments. That being said, when repairs, maintenance or replacement bulbs are required, one call to Meditek is all it takes.

About Meditek

Since 1981 we have been providing surgical lighting solutions to customers across Canada. In addition to sales, we also offer design services, installation support, remanufacturing and more. Based in Winnipeg, we have a network of team members working across the country who can provide in-person site assessments, product demonstrations and more.

If you are looking for surgical or examination lights for your facility or want to remanufacture your existing lights, contact us. We can help you upgrade or remanufactured your equipment and ensure you have the right product in place for the job.