Surgical Tables

MEDITEK is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of surgical beds by manufacturers such as Maquet, Steris, Amsco and more. We have OR tables available for a wide range of clinical applications, including hybrid and integrated environments. We also provide installation support, reconditioning and more. Browse our current inventory or contact a representative near you for more information.

Our Products

Surgical tables are a critical part of any clinic performing open or minimally invasive procedures. To offer options for all customers, we work with some of the leading manufacturers of surgical tables for orthopedic surgery, cardiovascular procedures, neurology and more. You can read more about specific applications below or browse our current inventory by the manufacturer.

Working with respected companies such as Stryker, Maquet, Skytron and Steris, we provide long-term service and support for everything we sell. In addition to fulfilling these manufacturers’ warranty programs, we can also help you put together a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your purchase continues to deliver reliable service for years to come.

Clinical Applications

The face of surgery in Canada is changing rapidly, with more healthcare providers expanding their ability to perform both cutting-edge procedures and minimally invasive interventions. For more than 40 years, MEDITEK has been helping customers across the country keep their facilities and their equipment up-to-date. Our current inventory of operating tables includes equipment engineered specifically for the following applications:

  • General surgery: Steris, Skytron, Maquet, Shampaine, Berchtold and Amsco manufacture a number of multipurpose OR tables suitable for general surgery use. We have several models available, offering reliability and performance at any budget. Contact a representative today for help selecting the table that’s right for you.
  • Imaging: Advanced imaging capability is essential in any hybrid operating environment. Skytron, Medstone and Biodex surgical tables are available with optional C-arm support, carbon fibre tops and other features to deliver superior positioning and unobstructed imaging.
  • Neurology: The Skytron 7200B is specially designed for neurologic and other sensitive surgical procedures. With highly precise, electro-hydraulically operated controls, the 7200B has Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, back section, elevation and speed selection posturing capabilities, longitudinal and lateral slide functions and many other advanced features.
  • Orthopaedics: Steris, Maquet and Amsco orthopedic surgical tables are an excellent choice for any clinician specializing in knee arthroscopy, hip replacement, laminectomy and other procedures. Optional integrated interfaces allow for the addition of imaging devices that can facilitate complex back and spine surgeries.
  • Urology: Biodex and Skytron offer OR tables specifically for urology and cystoscopy. Designed to provide unimpeded access while reducing radiation exposure, these specialty tables offer C-Arm support during procedures requiring minimal tilt and Trendelenburg positioning.

Surgical Table Remanufacturing

Whatever your specific clinical needs are, new surgical tables can be a major expense. With shrinking healthcare budgets across the country, many facilities are turning to remanufactured equipment when it’s time to upgrade.

By partnering with Meditek for your remanufactured OR table needs, you can benefit from our years of industry knowledge and advanced production capabilities. We have a number of rebuilt surgical tables for sale. We can also recondition your existing equipment to:

  • Correct tabletop drift, repair failing controls and fix stiff lift movement, noisy gears and other positioning problems.
  • Replace or repair ageing hydraulic components, fix oil leaks and correct table electrical problems

All of our ReNew remanufactured surgical tables feature a minimum two-year guarantee on parts and labour. Meditek is fully insured and registered with Health Canada to provide reconditioning services for all types of OR tables. We can even supply your facility with a loaner table while repairs are underway.

For more information about our full list of available products or to request a quote for remanufacturing, contact a MEDITEK representative today.