QA5 Bariatric Transport Stretcher Video Overview

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Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Brad Samuels with Meditek, and we’re here today to talk about the Meditek QA5 Patient Transport Stretcher.

So why is the QA5 an important stretcher?

Well, it’s a bariatric stretcher, which means it’s got a 39 inch by 84 inch surface area, which is exactly what you need for large, heavy patients. So, some stretcher manufacturers will talk about, you know, 700 pound weight capacity or 750 pound weight capacity. But the key thing is they don’t have the width. So this stretcher, 39 inch wide, but it will still fit through a 40 inch door.

And we’ll start quickly by talking about the casters. So right now, with the casters engaged, it’s in a steer mode. Now steer mode means that the front caster is locked in place. It’s fixed. It’s set. It won’t swivel right now. When you step it back, you’re now into like a move or up position mode where all four casters are just riding normally; they’re not locked. When we step it back into the locked position, all 4 casters are now locked. They’re fixed, and your stretcher is in a locked position. So, moving up from there. Powered. QA5 stretcher is powered. We have a hand control. It’s got four functions.

Raising of the back section, lowering of the back section, is one function.

Second is the foot section. This is like a knee gatch or sort of put it into a chair type position.

And then we have a raise/lower. Put the structure up, lower it down.

And lastly we have a trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg. Which takes us to another important point. Let’s say you have a battery failure or a lack of power. And you have a CPR type emergency. So, there is a manual override. You can release the back down manually.

So the siderails are on either side of the stretcher and they just you lift them up, they lock into a place. Pretty simple and straightforward. Release the mechanism, let them down. It is equipped with an I.V. pole, which is just stored on the side of the stretcher. And there’s four spots around that you can put it into. The lowering and raising of the I.V. poles is just a very simple twist release, and it locks automatically. Just twist it again to release it down.

So, at the foot end of the stretcher, we have a push/pull bar, which is just very helpful for other patient caregivers to help maneuver the stretcher. If you don’t want it in place, just a simple matter of lifting it out and it comes off. There’s also one for the head end of the stretcher as well. And, they have a I.V. pole socket on them so that if you have both of them in place you can still quickly and easily put your I.V. pole in.

At the head end of the stretcher we have two push/pull handles. And there’s just a very simple thumb release that allows them to be tucked away. Just drop them down and place. Need them up? Just raise them up. So regarding the patient mattress there’s actually it comes in two options. This is the premium option, which we recommend going with. It’s one piece and it’s got grooves cut in it, so that it will fold up nicely and there’s no seams. It’s a fully enclosed memory foam.

At the head of the stretcher is a power cord. And it’s got a simple spot to wind it up. Coil it up. Pretty simple and straightforward. Plug it in when not in use or over weekends, whenever you need to charge it up. That is pretty much the extent of the Meditek QA5 Bariatric Transport Stretcher.

Thank you.

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