Comprehensive Review of the Most Popular Trauma/X-Ray/Emergency Stretchers in Canada

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As Canadian medical professionals, there’s no need to tell you that time is one of the biggest factors in a medical emergency. Having trauma or emergency stretchers with X-Ray capabilities on hand and ready to go is critical to a successful outcome.

Trauma stretchers, like other hospital equipment, may contain similar features and functionality, and that makes it hard to distinguish which one is the right X-Ray stretcher for your needs. One thing to look for, in terms of distinguishing brands and models, is the ease of use and the reaction time for functionality.

With this article, we plan to give you a comprehensive review of the most popular trauma/X-ray stretcher brands and models in Canada.

Having everything in front of you all at once will cut down on the time and effort you’ll need to put into researching.

Please note that we are only including stretchers that have full-length imaging capabilities as a standard feature.

Note: The following are in alphabetical order and all information is public. We aim to consistently bring you unbiased and factual information.

Be sure to download the technical specifications of all the stretchers at the end of the article!

Amico Trauma Stretcher

With its fully radiolucent litter section, the Amico Trauma Stretcher is protected at the ends and on the sides by roller and side bumpers.


This stretcher comes standard with a 3” foam mattress and defibrillator tray.

Features & Benefits

  • Collapsible siderails
  • Central brake locking system
  • Four IV pole receptacles
  • Roller bumpers
  • Fifth wheel steering
  • Stationary foot end litter
  • Hydraulic lift system
  • Integrated foot push handle
  • Head and foot-end mattress retainer
  • Foley bag holder

amico trauma stretcher

ArjoHuntleigh Trauma Stretcher

ArjoHuntleigh, a division of Getinge Group, has three trauma stretcher options, but only one with a standard full-length imaging platform.


The Lifeguard® 55 trauma stretcher is compatible with most conventional X-Ray and C-Arm imaging equipment and has a fully radio-translucent mattress. Sliding cassette trays can be accessed from both sides. Cassettes can move longitudinally for full body X-Rays. Conversely, a safety side function also provides clearance for lateral X-Rays.

Features & Benefits

  • Full-length radio-translucent mattress
  • Conventional X-ray and C-arm compatible
  • Hydraulic foot controls for height and tilt on both sides
  • Emergency head-end Trendelenburg foot pedal
  • Folding Stainless Steel safety side rails with ‘extra-low’ position for lateral X-ray
  • Gas spring assisted backrest adjustment
  • Dual height push/pull handles
  • Integral folding IV drip rod, plus additional IV drip rod
  • Storage for D, E or F size oxygen cylinder
  • Storage area for patient’s belongings
  • Bracket for attachment of Oxygen therapy/suction equipment
  • Anti-static castors with four corner activated brake/steer system
  • Easitrack™ fifth wheel steering system with four corner activation
  • Footboard/monitor shelf/patient notes holder

arjoHuntleigh trauma stretcher

Hausted Trauma Stretcher

Hausted has the Horizon Series X-Ray Trauma Stretcher, which features an integrated cassette tray accessible from either side of the stretcher. The cassette has a metering system that allows precise positioning, either centered or offset. You can raise the tray system closer to the patient’s surface to take higher quality images.


Intended for transport, treatment and recovery, the Horizon trauma stretcher allows for full-length X-Rays, while functioning as a treatment table and transport stretcher.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless Steel 6-Leg, 3-Position Retracto® Rails with built-in push/steer handles and top caps that eliminate patient transfer gap
  • Dual-side hydraulic foot pedal controls for height adjustment and trendelenburg
  • Pneumatic assist backrest
  • Brake and center track steering activation from all 4 corners
  • Seamless thermoformed base cover with storage and built-in oxygen tank holder
  • Full perimeter non-marring bumper system
  • Full length radiolucent mattress
  • Full length tracking X-Ray cassette carrier has film location indicators

Hausted trauma stretcher

Hill-Rom® Trauma Stretcher

Hill-Rom®’s trauma stretcher, puts a focus on providing more than mobility for patients and staff.


The aim to provide more than mobility is broken down into three groups:

  1. A Safe and Comfortable Patient Experience
  2. Simple and Safe Maneuvering
  3. Durability to Withstand Your Demands

Features & Benefits

  • Choice of mattress
  • Bumper protected siderails
  • Spring-loaded Steering Plus™ system that absorbs shock of driving over bumps and thresholds
  • Accommodate standard-size X-ray cassettes with full-length cassette deck
  • 360° maneuvering with Steering Plus™ system
  • Zero transfer gap siderails
  • Obtain an immediate patient weight with scale that memorizes last weight
  • Compatibility with most lifts and overbed tables
  • Power washable

Hill-Rom trauma stretcher

Meditek QA3 Trauma Stretcher

The leading UK stretcher manufacturer, Anetic Aid, manufactures Meditek’s trauma stretcher. The QA3 X-Ray or Emergency Stretcher is the lowest height of all the trauma stretchers and has one of the highest weight capacities.


With its robust design (as it has been used in military settings) it is the only trauma/emergency stretcher that can go into trendelenburg (or reverse) at any height by a headend-located hand lever.

Features & Benefits

  • Hydraulic lift mechanism
  • Vertically operated sides giving a virtually zero transfer gap
  • Latest caster technology – low rolling resistance
  • 5th wheel steering for guidance by one person
  • Pushing handles
  • Gas assisted backlift
  • Advanced single bar braking system from anywhere around the stretcher
  • 2 Fixed I.V. poles
  • Side loading cylinder trough
  • K8 pressure care mattress
  • Patient utility trays
  • Rotating buffers – at head and foot ends
  • Anti-bacterial properties and smooth moulded surfaces

Meditek QA3 Trauma Stretcher

Stryker Trauma Stretcher

The Stryker Prime X X-Ray Stretcher combines ClearView technology, for imaging, with the familiar aspects of the Prime series stretchers. There are three models to choose from, although they are not all available in all countries:

  1. 1105X (Fifth Wheel)
  2. 1115X (Big Wheel Advanced Mobility)
  3. 1125X (Zoom Motorized Drive System)


The dual-deck patient platform allows for the positioning of cassettes at any point under the patient. The open architecture allows for almost any cassette size.

Features & Benefits

  • Clearview Technology Platform
  • Thermoformed ABS base with extra capacity storage tray
  • 3” enhanced comfort mattress
  • Litter-mounted oxygen bottle holder
  • Integrated transfer board
  • Power-washable design (1105X and 1115X only)
  • Four-wheel, center-locking brake system with dual end activators
  • Dual, side-mounted foot control hydraulics with uni-lower pedal
  • Glideaway™ Siderails
  • 4 integrated IV receptacles
  • Integrated wheel covers on castors
  • Pneumatic backrest/stationary foot
  • Constant descent hydraulics
  • Dual end brake/steer controls
  • 40° foot section

Stryker trauma stretcher

Techlem Trauma Stretcher

Techlem’s 5000XR trauma stretcher is an extension of the Techlem 5000 General Transport Series.


With the full patient surface cassette placing, access is available from all four sides.

Features & Benefits

  • Raise/lower pedals
  • 4 wheel locking casters
  • “Total view” full surface accessibility for cassette placement
  • “Accu-steer” fifth wheel steering
  • “Posi-lock” braking system
  • Wraparound bumper

Techlem trauma stretcher

Concluding Trauma Stretchers

When looking for a trauma or emergency stretcher, keep in mind that your stretcher should be a harmonistic mix of the technical specs you require and the benefits that the features highlight.

If you’re undecided, look for unique features or benefits as a possible deciding factor.

Additional Resources

Meditek is the exclusive Canadian distributor for the QA Series stretchers from Anetic Aid. As the leading emergency stretcher in the UK, the QA3 emergency stretcher focuses on two major factors in emergency care – stretcher height and trendelenburg accessibility.

Meditek is also the Manitoba and Saskatchewan distributor for Techlem stretchers.

Don’t forget to download the technical specs of all the aforementioned stretchers.

Comprehensive Review of the Most Popular Trauma/X-Ray/Emergency Stretchers in Canada

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