InSight Equipment Assessments

Due to the ever growing complexity of healthcare products, facilities are not always comfortable that they know exactly what condition their products are in.

Meditek’s unique Equipment Assessments program (InSight) provides our customers with some of the best technical experience and knowledge available in the medical equipment industry, assuring our customers get the information and recommendations they need.

InSight Equipment Assessments is a service whereby our technicians will go on-site and do a thorough review of the products of your choice. This can be done after-hours to avoid downtime. During the inspection, the technicians will make detailed notes of everything they observe. Specifically, they will look for potential problems that could result in a breakdown.

Hospitals all across the country are utilizing Meditek for this valuable service, so that they can:

  • Plan for upcoming product replacements
  • Address critical service issues before they happen
  • Focus funds where they are most required
  • Avoid staff or patient injury

Request information about InSight:

After an equipment assessment is completed, and all information has been obtained, it is put into our system which then compiles a detailed report containing:

  • Location of the product (e.g. room number)
  • Make and Model
  • Serial number
  • Year
  • Detailed notes on the condition
  • Service items to address
  • Key tolerance measurements
  • Estimated remaining lifespan and when to plan on replacing
  • Pictures

Common Products:

  • Surgical Tables
  • Surgical Lighting
  • Equipment Carrier Booms
  • Surgical Table Accessories
  • Washers/Disinfectors
  • Sterilizers
  • Anesthesia Machines
  • Hospital Beds
  • Birthing Beds
  • Stretchers
  • Warming Cabinets

Download our InSight Equipment Assessment Brochure