Operating Room Integration

In hospitals across Canada and around the world, the trend towards operating room integration continues. An integrated OR environment offers a number of working advantages, including superior visualization, improved communication and greater opportunities for collaboration and training.

Meditek provides a range of consulting and design services for any healthcare facility interested in implementing an integrated OR. With over 30 years of expertise and experience serving clients across the country, we can help you identify your OR integration needs — and supply the right equipment for your budget.

Our Operating Room Integration Consulting Services

Count on Meditek’s expertise to provide any of the following operating room integration services:

  • Architectural design: Meditek works with local architects and planners around the country to ensure time- and space-saving efficiencies are built directly in your new construction.
  • Space planning: Make the most out of an existing space to increase the number of patients you are able to serve and optimize the effectiveness of your team.
  • Equipment installation: Make sure your new operating theatre equipment is delivered, set up and tested right. Trust Meditek with all of your installation needs.
  • Project management: From start to finish, our team can ensure your integration project is completed on time and on budget.

Case Study: Richmond Hospital

In April 2014 Vancouver’s Richmond Hospital opened a suite of minimally invasive, 3D integrated operating rooms — the first of its kind in Canada. The product of an exclusive partnership with Meditek, these new rooms — known as AVIOR (Advanced Visual Integration Operating Rooms) surgical suites — represent the future of minimally invasive surgery. They also make Richmond hospital a national leader in 3D surgery.

Featuring a number of cutting-edge technologies — including a ConMed HD endoscope, a Skytron integrated operating room system and LED surgical lights — everything in the AVIOR operating theater has been designed to minimize tissue trauma and blood loss, improve recovery times and make it easier for doctors and nurses to delivery a higher quality of care.

With their OR integration system in place, surgeons can now:

  • Visualize each procedure on special 3D displays, providing superior depth of field and spatial orientation, improving tissue handling and overall accuracy.
  • Stream audio and video to and from locations around the world, making it possible to collaborate with physicians in other facilities and provide on-demand consultations for patients.
  • Teleconference with residents and med students, increasing educational opportunities while reducing the demands on busy clinicians’ time.

Richmond Hospital contacted our team with a simple request — to supply equipment and design expertise for a cutting-edge integrated operating room that would provide a safer surgical environment for patients, clinicians and caregivers. With the development of the AVIOR integrated operating room, we have achieved just that. To find out what we can do for your facility, contact a representative in your area today.