Preventive Maintenance

Through preventive maintenance, Meditek is committed to keeping all Meditek equipment operating optimally at all times during the entire life cycle

This is paramount to us, as uninterrupted operation first and foremost warrants the patient’s safety and also prevents inconvenience for the facility.

Meditek’s services helps clinicians get the most from all of our equipment, both in the device reprocessing area as well as in the operating room. Our preventive maintenance comprises a range of offerings that support your Meditek products and ensure optimal performance. This in turn means the best care for patients and lasting value from the investment.

Meditek offers a partnership that puts our expertise at the clinician’s disposal, giving the benefit of our company’s many years of experience in the field and its continuous commitment to research and development.

Meditek offers preventive maintenance on a wide range of products, including OR Tables, OR Lighting, Sterilizers and Washer-Disinfectors. Customers can have all their equipment covered by a single service agreement. We work closely with customers to find the optimal solution for their service needs.

Please ask your local service contact for information, or contact us about how we can tailor a solution to your specific service needs.