Meditek Shure Socket Clamp Video Overview

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Video Transcript:

Hey thanks for joining us today. My name is Drew Samuels and we wanted to do today was just run through a couple of simple steps for using what we know is a Schure Socket Clamp.

It’s got a couple of interesting features. One is it will take both a round and a rectangular post. The other neat feature about this clamp is its easiness to put on to the table. With the radius part of the clamps channel in the upper position, simply place the clamp over the rail and push down. That secures the clamp to the rail and then to insert your accessory, just drop it into the hole and tighten the handle.

You can also, as with other clamps, move from side to side. And then for removing the clamp from the table, simply push the clamp in a little bit and lift up.

And that’s all there is to it.

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