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Skytron UV Light Disinfection Robots

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The most powerful UV light disinfection robot in the world for preventing healthcare acquired infections (HAIs)

The Skytron UV light disinfection robots (from IPT™ – Infection Prevention Technologies) cover an entire room and are able to adjust UVC dosage based on variables such as room size, layout, furnishings, and environmental characteristics.

*Interesting fact: Skytron’s UV light disinfection robots are one of only two companies worldwide that offer the capability of real-time and automatic adjustments.

Every year, thousands of people across the country are affected by HAIs. Infection prevention is now one of the most important factors in controlling expenditures for hospitals, as germ-killing prevention is much easier to budget for than a widespread HAI. Harmful organisms and bacteria remain on both patient and operating room surfaces after traditional cleaning.

Features and Benefits:

  • PowerBoost UV™ pushes our units beyond the UV disinfection capabilities of our competitors
  • SmartDosage UV™ technology automatically adjust UVC dosage and treatment time as the robot operates
  • Field Balance™ sends more power to the areas of the room that need it
  • 3 UV light robot systems that cover the full spectrum of disinfection needs at varying price points
  • One-step, whole-room UV light treatment operated by an easy-to-use, wireless hand-held Steri-Trak™ controller

Skytron/IPT ultraviolet light disinfecting robots deliver higher pathogen-killing dosages in less time than any other disinfection systems on the market.

Three UV disinfecting models to choose from:
IPT 3200 UV light disinfection robot
IPT 3200 – Most powerful germ-killing UV robot in the world

  • Up to 20 times the UVC output of tested xenon pulse systems
  • 3x the strength of other continuous light competitors
  • Whole-room, single-placement disinfection
  • Disinfects in less time than any other unit on the market
  • Reaches into shadowy spots

IPT 2280 Syndicate™ – Second most powerful UVC system on the market (behind IPT 3200)IPT 2280 Syndicate™ UV light disinfection robot

  • Designed specifically as a paired system working in tandem to emit industry leading UV power with the benefits of a two emitter platform
  • Single-placement, whole-room germicidal treatment
  • Irregular or elongated treatment areas
  • Direct, indirect and shadowed surfaces
  • Fastest dual emitter UV robot system (average of 10 – 15 minutes)

IPT 1140 Max UV light disinfection robot
IPT 1140 Max – IPT’s most cost effective and portable to UVC disinfection robot

  • Ability to deploy, manage and monitor treatments from a secure cloud based portal
  • Single-placement, whole-room treatment
  • Bar code room identification ensures that each room scheduled for disinfection is properly treated
  • Direct, indirect and shadow surfaces


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