SLD AirFRAME Operating Room Ceiling System Installation

Watch our team install the SLD AirFRAME in 90 minutes.

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Nothing is quite as valuable as the ceiling space in an OR. Maximize yours with the SLD AirFRAME. These fully integrated, modular, prefabricated ceiling systems are the packaged solution that will have your operating room surgery-ready in a fraction of the time than traditional systems demanded.

Remember those individual ductwork connections? The SLD AirFRAME requires as little as one. Reducing the ductwork congestion allows all mechanical elements to be housed within the frame, reducing overall connection points. Maintenance is a breeze, too. Hinged damper/diffusers provide easy access for cleaning and HEPA filter installation. Not to mention, the AirFRAMEs are walkable.

Integrated LED lighting is placed strategically within the modules, making space for the integral equipment that today’s modern ORs require. With Zonal Pressure Control ®, the SLD AirFRAME improves airflow performance and reduces contamination risks to patients.

Being surgery-ready has never been this fast and we want you to see it first-hand.

Meditek is a Canadian distributor for SLD Technology Ceiling Systems. We will coordinate directly with SLD Technology to install AirFRAME ceiling systems at major Canadian hospitals and smaller surgical centres.

Our experts are knowledgeable when it comes to prefabricated operating room ceilingsmodular operating room ceilings and operation theatre ceiling materials. We’ve been involved with operating room ceiling system installations within general and complex hybrid ORs across Canada. We do everything from conceptualizing to planning to equipment supply and installation.

Send us your questions, and our operating room ceiling system experts will be happy to help guide you through the process.

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