SLD Operating Room Ceiling Systems

SLD Operating Room Ceiling System

  • Integrate the operating room's structural, air diffusion, and lighting requirements into a single system.
  • Eliminate bacteria in the air and on hard and soft surfaces that are often missed during routine cleaning.
  • Coordinate and suspend surgical lights, anesthesia columns, equipment boom arms, imaging rails, lead shield tracks, electrical boxes, and more.
  • Install a ceiling system for a general operating room in as little as three hours.
SLD Operating Room Ceiling


AirFRAME is a fully integrated, modular, prefabricated solution designed specifically for operating room ceilings.
SLD AirFRAME Operating Room Ceiling System

AirFRAME Features:

  • Airflow performance: Protect the patient with Zonal Pressure Control®. AirFRAME exceeds the ASHRAE minimum guidelines and has been clinically shown to reduce the potential for contamination at the surgical site.
  • High-quality LED lighting: Powered by Philips Fortimo LED Strip modules, see an output of 1,100 lm/ft at a high energy efficacy of up to 181 lm/W. Our boards have exceptional lumen maintenance: an L90 of 36,000 hours.
  • Reduced connection points: Requiring as few as one connection point for the integrated lighting, one connection point for the supply air, and a couple of threaded drops per module, the AirFRAME minimizes peripheral work and saves valuable interstitial space.
  • Easy maintenance: Hinged damper/diffusers provide easy access for cleaning and HEPA filter installation. The LED drivers for the integrated lighting are accessible in external enclosures for quick maintenance. AirFRAME modules are walkable.


Indigo-Clean is a visible light disinfection device that can be integrated into the lighting component of the AirFRAME ceiling system.

Indigo-Clean Features:

  • Indigo-Clean kills bacteria in the air and on hard and soft surfaces that are often missed during routine cleaning.
  • Indigo-Clean is NOT UV light - it uses safe 405 nm visible light.
  • Indigo-Clean reduces surgical site infections by 73%.
  • No special training, additional staff, or consumables are required to operate.