ThinkPink Surgical Table Promotion (Part 1)

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Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Chris Samuels and welcome to another Meditek video.

Today I want to speak with you a little bit about this pink surgical table we have here, probably the first one the market’s ever seen, so we’re really excited about this.

Part of Meditek, a big part of Meditek, is innovation and we thought we’d bring a really unique level of innovation to surgical tables by painting them in pink. It’s going to really stand out as different in a facility. Everybody is certainly going to know which table is theirs. But there’s a bigger reason here for this and that’s part of our Think Pink campaign that we’re running. So in recognition of Breast Cancer Month which is in October, from now until the end of October, any remanufactured surgical table that a customer orders and asks us to paint it pink for them, we will be making a donation of five hundred dollars to the cancer foundation of their choice. So, it’s a really great way for Meditek to be able to give back and recognize the great work these cancer foundations do.

While we’ve got at the table here in front of us, I want to take a moment to touch on our ReNew remanufacturing process. Many customers are familiar with it.

We’ve remanufactured hundreds of surgical tables over the years. We have been doing this dating back to the early 1980s, and it truly is a very extensive, very exhaustive process we go through here as you can see with this table. Everything has been removed the entire table has been pretty much completely disassembled right down to the castings of the table, and now it’s been painted and is going to go back into the assembly process where it’s put back into as-new condition, given a two year on site parts and labour warranty, and that entire process typically takes about four to five weeks – a very extensive process.

As you can see here, I’ve got a couple pieces of the table: foot pedal with all painted pink, ready to go. We’ve got a head rest. The casting part of the assembly for a headrest. And this table will be in the process for several more weeks as it’s rebuilt. Any worn, wearing parts are replaced. And when it’s completed, it rolls off the assembly line; it will be back to as-new condition. So that is a little bit about the Think Pink campaign we’re running. And we would love to see a pink table in your facility at some point.

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