ThinkPink Surgical Table Promotion (Part 2)

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Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Brad Samuels, Marketing Team Leader here at Meditek.

So here today with our completed pink surgical table.

Hopefully you had an opportunity to watch the video number one on our Think Pink remanufacturing of this table. It was very recently you would have seen in a technician booth disassembled, being put back together.

And that’s a four week process here called ReNew, where surgical tables are remanufacturing back to you as-new condition. Table now has a two-year warranty. And it is heading out the door here shortly to Surrey Memorial Hospital. They took advantage of our Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Program that ends October 31. You can go to

So, I’m excited that this table’s going out. It’s been restored. We’ve breathed new life into it. And actually shortly it’ll be in an operating room with surgeons and nurses and staff, and they will be putting new life into a patient that they’re operating on. So, it’s exciting. And the table is heading out now.

Thank you for watching.

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