Meditek Operating Room Products

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At Meditek, we provide a wide range of quality operating room products to support you and your patients every day.

The Meditek Optimaxx surgeon headlight is comfortable powerful and lightweight. It’s cordless design allows you to move unhindered.

Everything we design is extremely durable. We use 16 gauge stainless steel in products like our self-righting I.V. pole. Our user-friendly mayo stand has an unique self-descend feature for safe and reliable support.

After research with clients, we’ve added a gel pad top on our vacuum beanbag positioners to help you set up faster and better protect your patients. Our ReNew stirrups are cost effective and a good alternative to buying new. They come with our 2 year warranty.

Our latest transfer boards are designed to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable.

We carry Relaxa Gel positioners, a wide range of surgical table side rail clamps, operating room table width extenders, arm and hand surgery tables, and restraint straps. Meditek also provides capital equipment, equipment booms, surgery lights, and operating room tables, both in our new and ReNew lines.

Meditek – your single source for premium operating room equipment.