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Hello my name is Scott Samuels. I’m one of the Territory Sales managers here at Meditek.

Today, I wanted to just do a brief introduction and overview of the Yellofins® stirrups manufactured by Allen Medical and distributed by Hill-Rom. What the Yellofins® is it’s considered the gold standard in today’s O.R. for the lithotomy positioning.

What we wanted to show is it’s just a couple key features here. So we got the fin obviously. The name Yellofins® indicates the fin you see here. Typical boot stops right about where my hand is. Allen put the fin on here to do two things. It’s to protect the head of the fibula and it’s also to protect the perennial nerve. Weight capacity of the Yellofins® stirrup.

There’s three different categories of of the Yellofins®. So you’ve got the Yellowfin, the Yellofins® Elite, and the Ultrafins®. So this one today we’re presenting is just the standard Yellofins®. This is capable of supporting a 350 pound patient. That’s not actually 350 pounds in the stirrups. It’s a total patient weight of 350 pounds.

Then you’ll see the Yellofins® Elite. You’ll see the Elite wording on the sticker. That’s up to a 500 pound patient.

Then you’ll get into the Ultrafins®, which is up to an 800 pound patient.

And then what we wanted to go over was the just the controls on the stirrup. So you’ve got a release lever here which unlocks obviously the locking mechanism here at the table end. So that’s when you’ll get your elevation up and down and your side to side. On the boot, you’ve also got a clamping mechanism here. So release the lever and then you’ve got full orientation with the boot for the for patient lag and foot positioning. What you’ll also see on the boot is a label sort of pictorially showing you how to properly set up the patient in the stirrups.

Most commonly seen problems with the Yellofins® stirrups: We don’t exactly like to dwell on the problems, but we wanted to just point out a couple areas that we have noticed. One being the elevation.

When they get old, or there is some moisture or fluid that ingress into the locking mechanism, what you’ll see is you’ll see some drifting. Obviously these ones aren’t drifting down at the moment but as soon as we release the handle here, just sort of replicates what we do see. So you put patients leg in and you’ll see some drifting. That is essentially what needs to be done at that point as you’d send it into Meditek, and we could replace the locking mechanism for you. Another area that we see is obviously this boot area here. There’s a lot of sloppiness and it just comes over time with this clamp. The clamp starts wearing down, getting too slippery.

So what we at Meditek do is we open this up and we just work inside of this clamp to ReNew it back to the original condition that it was in. Going on to the knuckle/the clamping mechanism. What we see a lot of times is cuts, nicks, cracking in the rubber. And what happens is fluid ingresses, as I said previously, into the locking mechanism. It either a) rusts or corrodes it. Thus, either seizing the locking mechanism. Or, it just won’t actually long completely. So you’ll see a lot of drifting then. The fourth spot that I wanted to point out is the gas cylinder. This does over time either just wear out or it’s been damaged, physically damaged. So, that is replaceable either by us at Meditek here; or your maintenance staff can replace that as well.

Wanted to go on to the cushion here. So, this is what we call a clamshell cushion. You’ve got the full access here for putting the patient leg in, as well as full access for cleaning it. And you can also completely remove it from the boot, thus getting full access into the boot to clean the plastic area out.

And final comment I wanted to make. This stirrup here has gone through our facility here at Meditek and has been fully remanufactured. So, this was a previously used stirrup. Came in as a very worn out stirrup and we breathe new life into it. Completely remanufactured it into, as you can see, as-new condition.

The warranty that our customer will get on the on the Yellofins® Stirrup after it’s been through our ReNew program is two years parts and labour warranty. And typically the cost to get that process done, if we were to do your stirrups, is about a third the price of brand new.

Thank you very much, and that’s all I had to say on the Yellofin stirrups.

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