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Pedigo Medical Equipment

Meditek is proud to be an authorized dealer of Pedigo medical products, including the 500 series pediatric crib. For more than 30 years we have been bringing the most advanced stretchers, surgical beds and other patient transport products to hospitals and clinics across Canada — our association with Pedigo is no exception. Count on Meditek to deliver not only the best products, but to also back up everything we sell with industry-leading customer service and support.

About Pedigo

The roots of the Pedigo medical equipment company date back to 1947. Since then, the company — which to this day remains a family-owned business — has developed a reputation for outstanding quality and innovation.

Pedigo specializes in stainless steel and chrome products that offer the durability, sterility and functionality required by today’s healthcare operations. All Pedigo products are manufactured in the company’s Vancouver, Washington facility.

The Pedigo 500 Pediatric Crib

One of our most popular products, the Pedigo 500 pediatric crib has been engineered to meet the demanding needs of today’s healthcare facilities. The 500 features a childproof dual-action release rail that can be operated with one hand, making it easy to load young patients into and out of the crib.

Other unique features include a two-post support system that provides up to 97% access to the patient. Heavy-duty steel casters improve manoeuvrability when used as a transport stretcher and lock into place when ready to operate. Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and Fowler positioning is available, as is a full-function solid pan litter top. Optional accessories include an IV pole, utility shelf, O2 holders and a bumper pad. Contact Meditek directly about further customizing your unit.

The Meditek Remanufacturing Program

With Meditek’s remanufacturing program, your facility can enjoy the benefits of Pedigo medical equipment at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. The remanufacturing process takes your old Pedigo stretchers and completely refurbishes them, repairing broken pedals and controls, fixing oil leaks, hydraulic or electrical problems, replacing noisy gears or worn levers, and generally transforming an otherwise unusable table into like-new condition.

With many of Canada’s healthcare facilities under increasing financial strain, remanufacturing a Pedigo surgical table can divert potentially thousands of dollars to more critical aspects of patient care. Over 200 Canadian hospitals have benefited from our services. Contact our team today for a free quote.

Contact Meditek for More Information

Meditek is proud to offer Pedigo medical equipment to clients across Canada. We understand the unique needs of facilities that treat children and infants, and we strive to help you work more efficiently through products that meet those needs. Contact a local representative today for more information about Pedigo medical products and other pediatric solutions.