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Stille imagiQ2 Imaging Surgical Table

The Stille imagiQ2 surgical imaging table represents an important advance in developing the low-dose technology field, making the OR an even safer place, for patients and for the entire surgical team.

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Lower radiation dose, improved image quality and shorter operating times

imagiQ2 is Stille’s most advanced table for use during procedures such as cardiovascular surgery, pain management, urology, and neurosurgery- where precision and high quality imaging are critical. Developed in close cooperation with leading surgeons. Based on innovate technology.

  • 60 % better translucency than other tables
  • No image artifacts or distortions from tabletop edges
  • Cut operating time by up to 40 minutes
  • True Free Float® positioning with full control over table movement in all directions
  • Optimize the position of the c-arm receptor without hitting the base or wheels of the table

Less radiation exposure

imagiQ2 has a carbon fiber top that is highly translucent to the radiation from the C-arm. The radiation dose needed to achieve good image quality is drastically reduced. imagiQ2 is 60 percent more translucent than other fluoroscopy tables. We named it the Low-Dose Enabler since the radiation dose can be cut to much lower levels than before. This is important especially for members of the operating team that have daily exposure to C-arm radiation.

Quick and easy positioning

Adjust the patient’s position quickly and intuitively using our True Free Float® technology that enables full flexibility and control over movement, in all directions. Cut operating times with up to 40 minutes. With imagiQ2 you can position the patient with greater ease and with more precision than with a motorized table. Large longitudinal and diagonal spans provide excellent flexibility. imagiQ2 is designed for both heavy loads and tall patients. Using imagiQ2 you can cut operating times with up to 40 minutes, so that both specialists and expensive equipment can be used more efficiently.

Higher image quality

Enjoy improved image quality by placing the C-arm receptor closer to the patient. imagiQ2 has an extremely low base with wheels that retracts into the base. The C-arm does not risk hitting the wheels and can easily be positioned for best possible image quality. In order to avoid any image distortions or artifacts, imagiQ2 has rounded edges. The image quality at and around the operating tabletop edges remain sharp and clear. Should you need to roll the patient during surgery, our ISO ROLL® cradling motion will make sure that image focus is retained throughout the motion, without the need to re-position either the patient or the C-arm.

Part Number475-0100-0036
Lateral roll (ISO-ROLL™)±15°
Longitudinal True Free Float35.4“
Lateral True Free Float9.9“
Diagonal True Free Float36.8“
Patient Weight Capacity661 lbs in any position; the table top does not have to be centered in lock mode.
Radiolucent Area89.0” with 3D headrest / 66.6” without headrest
Float & LockTrue Free Float™ allowing smooth movements + STILLE quick-lock system
Power100-250 Volts, Direct AC power + Power Performance Battery DC power
Side RailsFixed, about 56.1”
Exchangeable Table TopYes, future-proof platform for extended use
Standard ConfigurationIncludes: 2 hand controls, 1 extension cable, 1 pan handle, mattress

*± 2.0° tolerance for angles, ± 0.5“ for lengths


Need accessories?

Meditek offers a wide range of Stille imagiQ2 accessories including head rests, side rails, control models and more.